Archive / October, 2010

With the Full Moon in Aries and the Sun in Libra, Oct 23rd, it is time to bring balance to our individual life and our relationships. It can be too easy for us to swing from one extreme to the other; this brings frustration and exhaustion. On the one side we become too heavily immersed […]

Over recent years we have all needed to lighten our load.  This is on all levels of Being – physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually.  To move forward effectively we need to be lighter in ourselves, we need to recognise that we are Beings of light.  It is therefore appropriate to do a review to assess […]

5th October 2010 From September 2008 we have all been under enormous pressure to push for a breakthrough.  This has been, and will continue to be for some time to come, a significant stage in human development, one that we will look back at and recognise as a huge milestone in our lives. We are […]

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