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November 2010 Horoscopes

ASTROVISION HOROSCOPES November 2010 ARIES: This is an excellent month for you to broaden your horizons, jumping into experiences that you don’t normally take on. Take up the challenge – push yourself that much further. You can stretch your capacity wide by extending yourself through exercise, travelling, actively discovering new environments as well as through […]

Venus is Retrograde – this has been in place since October 8th 2010 and will continue until November 19th 2010. When a planet is seen as being Retrograde it appears to be moving backwards. This is an optical illusion, however the energy of the planet as we experience it is held within. During the time […]

Scorpio New Moon

On November 6th 2010, at 17.53 (New Zealand Standard Time), we will be having the Scorpio New Moon.  The New Moon’s zodiac position sets the theme for the month to follow.  The energy of this Moon cycle is about manifesting our desires.  Therefore it is vital that we are clear as to what our desires […]

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