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Dec. 2010 and Jan. 2011

December 2010 / January 2011 Horoscopes ARIES: This is a busy time for you – it’s important that you organise your schedule and maximize your productivity in each day. To keep up with the pace make sure you get time out to recharge your batteries, don’t wait until you’re desperate for replenishment. As of the […]

18th Dec

Mercury Retrograde (Dec 11th to Dec 30th) is playing tricks with electronics, computers and phone connections, disrupting the flow of communication and creating extra work!  It is advisable that you avoid buying any electrical equipment during this time as it can be faulty and troublesome. Earlier this year I watched a documentary of Nostradamus where […]

New Moon 6th December With the New Moon in Sagittarius the theme for the month is “give it a go”. With a positive attitude anything is possible. This is a great time to jump into new adventures and experiences, pushing your boundaries further out.  It’s time to stretch your capacity. Over the next 7 weeks […]

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