April 2011 Horoscopes

APRIL 2011



There is currently a hive of activity in your zodiac sign. Make the most out of this by setting yourself a programme of quick-to-achieve tasks and projects. Reaching a personal best in a particular activity would be very rewarding. It’s time to push yourself to the next level of your ability. Just do it!


Over this next month tie up loose ends and, as much as possible, bring tasks to completion. By eliminating clutter and finishing projects you’ll create more space in your life. In time this will bring new opportunities and adventures. For now be content to release the demands and tasks that have sat for a while.


Around the Full Moon, 18th April, be alert to misunderstandings and volatile reactions happening for everyone. Communication will be tense for us all. As this is involving your ruling planet, Mercury, it will directly affect you. Try to avoid any confrontations at that time, allowing the heat to disperse before trying to clear the air.


With so many planets in Aries it is appropriate that you set yourself career goals and personal achievements to accomplish in the next 2 months. Short term projects will work well along with tasks that give quick results. For the larger or longer term goals break them down into smaller measures, making it easier for you to maintain motivation and excitement.


Time to question your lifestyle – on a holistic basis what do you feel is missing or lacking in your life? Is it physical exertion, mental stimulation, emotional support or spiritual inspiration? With such a surge of energy happening now this is an excellent time for you to add more to your life. It is up to you to put this into place. Don’t waste time waiting for others to bring this to you, jump in!


It is advisable that you keep all lines of communication open and clear, as around the time of the Full Moon, 18th April, there is tension in the air; misunderstandings are more likely to occur. Don’t get caught in the crossfire! Deal to issues as need be, however if possible let the dust settle before defending your place or stating your opinion.


It is vital that you maintain your independence whilst being in relationship to others. It can be too easy for you to lose yourself in the other person, where you sacrifice your own needs to keep them happy. Remember to be strong within yourself, having your own identity, interests and projects. It keeps you healthy!


Health and work issues need to be dealt with cleanly and efficiently. By focusing on your health it will give you greater energy levels. When focusing on your work it boosts your self esteem. As you focus on your health, you will have more energy for your work. As you better your self esteem by working well it is easier to make positive choices for your health. They harmonize well together.


Financial decisions need to be made about your long term future and security. Be realistic with your planning and practical with your expectations. It is important for you to have a holiday on your horizons to keep your spirits lifted, without this you could feel pressured by the stress of your work and the intensity of current challenges.


The balance of work and home is vital for everyone to maintain. However at this time you are under extra pressure to keep this an even keel. Work opportunities are there for you to develop your abilities while home developments are also demanding your time and attention. Set yourself a careful plan, breaking it into strategy points and targets, all within good time management. Know the right sequence for the activities to flow.


You now need to be stronger in your time alone, more creative with your own talents and independent in keeping your mind stimulated. On the other side further education, spiritual development and travel are excellent ways to share life-enriching experiences with others. On both accounts there is so much for you to learn and discover – be open to breaking new ground.


With the Full Moon, 18th April, allow yourself to heal old wounds and deep trauma that has sat for a while. This happens easily with the support of a loved one, with the expertise of a health practitioner or with the guidance of a counsellor. Make sure you find the right person to help you shift the energy block. You will feel incredible once it has gone. This may be a fear or an attitude of resistance. It’s time to let it go.


Up until the 23rd April Mercury is Retrograde, (appearing to move backwards). In this time avoid buying any electrical equipment, signing contracts, launching a product or having promotional material printed. With Mars and Mercury moving through Aries, step lightly around volatile issues where communication can get heated. Let the dust settle before being speaking out. With so many planets in Aries we need to be achieving personal goals and reaching personal bests. Use this energy well – it is simply oozing with motivation and excitement. It will burn through quickly though so don’t take too long to decide what you’re to do – just jump, and simply do it!