Archive / May, 2011

31 May 2011

New Moon Thurs. 2 June This coming New Moon, @ 11’ Gemini, will also be a Solar Eclipse. The Eclipses occur every six months, giving us the opportunity to redirect our lives, clear out the clutter and refocus upon our goals.  With this comes an increase of pressure for us to go deep in our […]

May 10 2011

Currently there are 5 planets in Aries – this indicates a time for us all to be active, motivated and energised.  With a strong desire to see quick results for our efforts it is showing us that with tending to our tasks instantly we can get so much accomplished – “just do it”! This is […]

May 2011

With 5 planets in Aries at the moment this edition of the horoscopes are the short, direct and abbreviated version! ARIES: Maximise the extra energy, look to create a personal breakthrough in your life.  Aim to get as much done in a short period of time – go for it! TAURUS:  4 planets are about […]

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