June 10 2011

June 10th 2011

We are in the thick of the Eclipse period. The first Solar Eclipse was on the 2nd June, the Lunar Eclipse is on the 16th June and the final Solar Eclipse is on the 1st July.  This is a time when we can redirect our lives – making positive changes to create a new future. The theme for the movement of change comes from the zodiac signs these are positioned in. If you have your birthchart available it is appropriate to look at where these will / are positioned.

The 2nd June Solar Eclipse was at 11’ Gemini. As I mentioned in my last blog the theme for this is bettering our communication. It is so vital that we express our feelings, speak our truth and tell our story.  If for any reason we don’t the ripple effect of being dammed up can lead to health hazards and relationship difficulties.

The Lunar Eclipse on the 16th June is at 24‘  Sagittarius. This will be positioned next to the North Node, also currently in Sagittarius. It is advisable that we all find ways to stretch our experiences to encompass more into our everyday life.  We can do this through spiritual development, further education, travel, outdoor activities and explorations. So in whatever way – mind, body or soul, you feel to push out your boundaries it is time to extend your scope. This can be through taking up a new sport or exercise programme, learning a new language, taking up the study of a particular subject, travelling to new locations, or deepening your meditation practise, plus so much more. This is not a time for us to sit idle, pottering around with the same old patterns and habits. Be adventurous!

The Solar Eclipse July 1st will be part of a Celtic Cross – the most intense configuration of planets. This will become more demanding as the days get closer to that date, and even in the weeks that follow we will still be under enormous pressure to activate change in our lives. Yes change is always in our lives but at the time of the Eclipses it is much stronger and easier to make those turns in the path. I see the Eclipse times likened to us travelling along a railroad where we can move the big lever to change the track from turning to the left to making the turn to the right. Major milestones are created, significant points of learning and empowering decisions are activated.

What are you doing in your life to move with this energy? Resisting change is detrimental – to your health, your sanity and your life purpose. Be willing and ready to move with the forces of energy as they appear in your life. Be wise, strong and clear – look at the impact your decisions will have upon your life and take responsibility for your actions.  This is a powerful time for us all, we are being tested – are you being the best you can? Stretch yourself to your greatest capacity.