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Planets in their rulership & exaltation

All the planets have signs in the zodiac where they are totally at home.  In Astrology we call this their placement of rulership. The zodiac sign becomes a direct expression of the qualities of that planet. Mars rules Aries, here the qualities of Mars – impatient, energetic, independent, motivated are seen in the expression of […]

30th August 2011

Yah, Mercury is now Direct again.  It went into Direct motion last Saturday, 27th August. Now information can flow freely again – the purchasing of appliances, vehicles, tickets, anything electrical will be reliable.  There may those that scoff at such guidelines but it is definitely worth paying attention to. In reference to tickets a few […]

11 August 2011

11th August Mercury is Retrograde – from the 3rd August 2011 until the 27th August. This is a time when misunderstandings are more likely to occur, where documents get lost and messages get forgotten. It is a time to be more vigilant with all forms of communication. The most important task to look out for […]

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