Planets in their rulership & exaltation

All the planets have signs in the zodiac where they are totally at home.  In Astrology we call this their placement of rulership. The zodiac sign becomes a direct expression of the qualities of that planet. Mars rules Aries, here the qualities of Mars – impatient, energetic, independent, motivated are seen in the expression of Aries.  All the planets (+ the Sun and Moon) have their zodiac signs that they rule. It is obvious to see the Moon rules the sign of Cancer – tidal energy flow of action & rest, sensitive to feeling, nurturing & homely.  In our birthchart, which notes the layout of the Solar system at the time of our birth, if any of the planets are in the zodiac signs that they rule it indicates areas of our life where we are talented, gifted and where energy relative to that position operates effortlessly for us.  We are dynamic with these qualities, courageous, maximizing the experience relative to that point. If you were born when Mars was in Aries you would like physical activity, your body responds well to exercise and you are able to motivate yourself effortlessly, enjoying independent activities that are highly energetic, as in sports and hobbies.

Planets also have zodiac signs where they are referred to as exalted. Here they provide their qualities to that zodiac sign easily, offering another dimension that enhances that sign. In regards to Mars, noted above as the ruler of Aries, it is exalted in Capricorn. Here the drive, determination, will to succeed of Mars gives Capricorn the boost to achieve its goals.  Mars offers a competitive edge, pushing for success. Capricorn is ruled by Saturn – the planet of time management, schedules, structure and systems. Saturn will take a long time to succeed. Mars brings speed and impatience to the process. When we have planets noted in our birthchart in their positions of exaltation it again highlights our natural talents, areas of ease, gifted abilities and creative instincts.

I find it really helpful knowing what areas of life we are naturally talented with, where we can effortlessly express ourselves and where life-force energy is strong. Astrology is such an amazing tool for so many reasons. In this reference it tells us instantly where and how we can shine at our best. Why waste a lifetime trying to find this – your birthchart will tell you in an instant!