Archive / September, 2011

23 September 2011 – Spring Equinox

This is a time for great measures of productivity – we are not to become distracted from our tasks nor give up our responsibilities. We are to be empowered with our dedication to our tasks and determined to see them through until the end. Completion is important. For breakthroughs to happen we have to be […]

21st Sept 2011

21  Sept. 2011 From Jupiter’s position in the zodiac we get an indication of where and how we are to create opportunities in our lives. Jupiter is presently in Taurus – here from June 2011 until June 2012. Taurus likes familiarity, safety and trusting situations, therefore for us to develop our scope in our lives […]

9th Sept 2011

We are certainly living in an interesting time. We are all under enormous pressure to make significant changes in our lives. This relates to each and every one of us, no one is exempt! Overall this will combine to create the necessary changes in and for mankind. We are at a time of psychological rebirth […]

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