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Notes from Harsha’s Evening Talk 19/11/12

ECLIPSES: Solar Eclipse: 14th Nov    @ 21°   Scorpio.      A time to release deep feelings, purging out energy that has been buried. Look to transform emotional issues, allowing secrets or hidden energy to be exposed. Lunar Eclipse : 29th Nov @6° Gemini.  Being aware of the impact of our words,  being clear with our communication […]

23 Nov 2012

Sun in Sagittarius & the Lunar Eclipse Happy Birthday to the Sagittarians! May you have many more returns! With the Sun moving through this sign in this month, Nov 22 – Dec 22, it is a time for us all to look at ways to open up our life experiences – taking on more through […]

Solar & Lunar Eclipses Nov 2012

Solar Eclipse Nov 14th & Lunar Eclipse Nov 29th The psychological effect of the Solar and Lunar Eclipses are always very intense. They mark a time of great changes and breakthroughs. As if pulling the lever on a railway track we can easily change the direction of our lives. The energy leading up to the […]

Mercury retrograde in Nov

Mercury will be retrograde as of the 7th November 2012 until the 27th November. This marks a time of mistaken communication where misunderstandings easily occur; it creates an unreliability with all electrical and mechanical devises, do not purchase any of these in this time as they will be faulty when in your care – if […]

October & November 2012

ARIES: You’re ready for new experiences. Be willing to make the jump, going further out into life with new adventures. Stay positive and open. Outdoor activities lift your spirits. TAURUS: With the Full Moon, Oct 30th, give yourself time to ponder on your situation, allowing insights to be shared from your inner Self. Trust these […]

Saturn in Scorpio

What a whirlwind week it has been since the Full Moon in Aries last Sunday, Sept 30th. The Moon was in Aries aligned with Uranus, squared off to Pluto and of course opposite the Sun in Libra. (For a Full Moon to occur the Sun and Moon have to be in opposite zodiac signs.) From […]

Astrology Classes

ASTROLOGY CLASSES with Harsha Rigney Level 1: This course is suitable for beginners or for previous students of Harsha’s classes who want to refresh. Learn how to bring Astrology into your life, as you deepen your Self development & personal insights. Start Date: Tuesday 23 Oct 2012 Time: 7 – 9 pm Venue: Arataki Community […]

New Moon Virgo

New Moon 23’ Virgo Sunday 16th September 2012 With the New Moon this weekend it will set the theme for the following lunar cycle to be one of health & well-being. In what ways can you improve upon your vitality and holistic health? This doesn’t just apply to your physical state but also includes your […]

Astrology and Health

Good health and well-being is our number one asset. Without it we are limited in our actions, in our energy and in our attitudes. To be in good health means we have the strength, the stamina and the life-force energy to maximize this life experience. With Astrology all of our body parts are associated to […]

New Moon in Cancer, 19th July 2012 With the New Moon here the theme for the following Lunar Cycle will be based on emotional nourishment. How well do you look after yourself? While it can be very easy for us to care for others, our pets & gardens we often leave our own needs of […]

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