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March & April 2012

Horoscopes March and April 2012 ARIES: In this time look to develop upon your work systems; pay attention to the small details and areas of wastage. You may need to invest in certain purchases that are beyond your usual expenses but these will be wise investments and provide practical use. TAURUS: It’s time to reward […]

Goal planning with Astrology

I was recently asked to explain how to set our goals with Astrology. The zodiac cycle – what are my goals for this year? The Sun moves, from the Earth’s viewpoint, through the 12 zodiac signs in 1 year. This gives us a great framework to plan the next 12 months. What is it that […]

Grand Trine in Earth, March ’12

As mentioned in my blog in November Mars is in Virgo. During this month of March, as it was in November it will be making a Grand Trine with Jupiter and Pluto. See the November blog for a full run-down on what this means. A Grand Trine opens up opportunities, making it easier for us […]

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