Archive / May, 2012

18 May 2012

Sufi and I are in full swing with the 2013 Moon Calendar production. We have some exciting new features to bring to you but will leave those as a surprise for when you get your next year’s calendar. I will keep you posted as to the release date. We have the Solar Eclipse coming up […]

May & June 2012

HOROSCOPES for MAY & JUNE 2012 ARIES: It’s time to be creative in getting systems into place. Focus on efficiency and eliminating wastage. There will be bursts of ruthlessness – allow yourself to purge away old habits, identities and attachments. The outcome will be refreshing. TAURUS: Ultimately the greatest changes we have to make are […]

1 May 2012

Solar Eclipse 21 May 1, 2012 The Eclipse period is a time of immense transformation for us all – on many levels it indicates the shifting of energy to new pathways. I liken it to a railway track where two tracks divide going in different directions. With the pull of a lever the track will […]

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