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Notes from Harsha’s Evening Talk 19/11/12

ECLIPSES: Solar Eclipse: 14th Nov    @ 21°   Scorpio.      A time to release deep feelings, purging out energy that has been buried. Look to transform emotional issues, allowing secrets or hidden energy to be exposed. Lunar Eclipse : 29th Nov @6° Gemini.  Being aware of the impact of our words,  being clear with our communication […]

23 Nov 2012

Sun in Sagittarius & the Lunar Eclipse Happy Birthday to the Sagittarians! May you have many more returns! With the Sun moving through this sign in this month, Nov 22 – Dec 22, it is a time for us all to look at ways to open up our life experiences – taking on more through […]

Solar & Lunar Eclipses Nov 2012

Solar Eclipse Nov 14th & Lunar Eclipse Nov 29th The psychological effect of the Solar and Lunar Eclipses are always very intense. They mark a time of great changes and breakthroughs. As if pulling the lever on a railway track we can easily change the direction of our lives. The energy leading up to the […]

Mercury retrograde in Nov

Mercury will be retrograde as of the 7th November 2012 until the 27th November. This marks a time of mistaken communication where misunderstandings easily occur; it creates an unreliability with all electrical and mechanical devises, do not purchase any of these in this time as they will be faulty when in your care – if […]

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