23 Nov 2012

Sun in Sagittarius & the Lunar Eclipse

Happy Birthday to the Sagittarians! May you have many more returns!

With the Sun moving through this sign in this month, Nov 22 – Dec 22, it is a time for us all to look at ways to open up our life experiences – taking on more through education, travel, outdoor activities, sports or spiritual discoveries. This is an excellent time to stretch our capacity, to be more adventurous and to jump in wholeheartedly by giving it a go! It does make it easier for us here in the Southern Hemisphere as with the summer approaching we feel more optimistic and keen for new experiences.

The Lunar Eclipse on the 29th Nov will be at 6’ Gemini. This will be making a difficult aspect to Chiron, the point of self development and holistic health. It is advisable that we are wise with our words, being clear in our communication and aware of the clutter in our mind. Fun, entertainment and superficial mind stimulation are delightful but we need to keep this in check and not let it be a distraction from our priorities or tasks. With Jupiter in Gemini too we need to harness this horse and not let distractions become the norm. A little light-hearted entertainment is enjoyable; just don’t let it be that you waste your time, talent or opportunities.