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The Pressure Has Increased.

Now that Mars has moved into Libra it will start to make the opposition to Uranus and the square to Pluto. This is increasing the pressure for everyone. I’m sure you will agree that the intensity has gone up a few notches! This will set a hectic pace and extra demand upon the festive season. […]

Horoscopes Dec 2013 – Jan 2014

Mood for Month: December: Take the time to note your progress, seeing the steps you’ve taken & the changes you’ve made. Give yourself rewards for your efforts. January: The completion of tasks is important. A balanced approach is best, find ways to keep an even keel with work, home, ourselves & others. February: Relationships are […]

Gardening with the Moon

Spring is the most exciting time to be in the garden – so much new life, fresh growth and the anticipation of summer. By tending to garden tasks in alignment with the Moon’s phases and the zodiac takes the hard work out of the equation, as Mother Nature adds her blessing of abundance, ease and […]

Festive Season Preparations

With the Festive Season nearly upon us this is the time for us to start sorting out our plans for the giving of gifts, the sharing of meals, and the program of events to attend. Astrology helps us to clarify all of these factors so let’s have a look at what we can find: Gifts: […]

Planetary Cycles

The planets in our Solar System each take a set time to do a full cycle around our Sun. As they make this journey we can note them moving through the 12 zodiac signs. When a planet has completed a full cycle (from where it was when we were born) we call this a Return. […]

Lunar Eclipse 19th October 2013

While the most significant focus of change is with the Solar Eclipse, which will happen on the 4th November, the Lunar Eclipse marks an emotional shift or release. This will be occurring at 25’ Aries. Where this sits in your personal birth chart, first by quadrant, then by house and finally by aspect to the […]

Mars in Leo

Mars will be in Leo from the 28th August until the 15th October. To make the most out of this energy, during this time, jump into creative projects, find ways to express your life through theatre, music, art or dance and involve yourself into festive occasions.  This is a highly spirited time, and by igniting […]

August – September – October 2013

Mood for Month: August: Change needs to be total, not half-hearted. Decide what needs to be done & just do it. With the right approach anything is possible. September: By expressing our feelings our relationships move to a deeper level. Old wounds can be healed with sensitivity. October: Relationships are healthy when we balance co-operation […]

Full Moon in Aquarius

Full Moon in Aquarius 21st August 2013 at 1.46pm NZ time, at 28‘ Aquarius This is an excellent time to spend with family & friends, in a light-hearted social gathering. Ideas are flowing effortlessly and at times will be chaotic and crazy. This is a great time for community events, group meetings where the sharing […]

Welcome to the new Prince

Looking at his birth chart I have pulled out a few points: Like his Dad this Prince is a Cancerian, this shows he will be sensitive, caring & warm. He is emotionally aware of those around him. People will find him easy to talk to, a good listener & someone who is genuinely compassionate to […]

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