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Lunar Eclipse Sat. 25th May @ 4’ Sagittarius

This Lunar Eclipse that is coming on Saturday is the final eclipse of this season. It will be in Sagittarius; a flick of the tail as it finishes off the series of Gemini / Sagittarius Eclipses that we had in 2011 and 2012. Our communication, living our truth and knowing our pathway are all important […]

Mercury & the Lunar Eclipse

Mercury goes into Gemini – May 16th. This is its placement of rulership, making communication easier and the flow of ideas greater.  If you have an assignment to do, an essay to write or documents to fill out then wait until Mercury has gone into this sign.  It will stay here until the 31st May. […]


An Eclipse is when celestial bodies (planets, the Sun or the Moon) line up in exact alignment. We have New & Full Moons every month but we only have Eclipses every 6 months. Eclipses are times of transformation – a time to pull the lever on the railway track of our life, changing the direction […]

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