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Jupiter Moves Into Cancer 26th June 2013

As the planets move through the zodiac signs we all get to experience the energy relative to that specific combination. Jupiter, the largest planet in our Solar System, indicates our confidence, enthusiasm, our adventures and travels. It shows where and how we can stretch our capacity, taking on more, going beyond previous horizons. It will […]

June – July 2013

ARIES: Big decisions need to be made, but rather than rushing, it will be better for you to wait for all the information and details to be in place first. From the middle of July through till the end of August give yourself more time to accomplish your tasks. Move in a tidal rhythm. TAURUS: […]

New Moon in Gemini Sunday 9th June

This starts the next Lunar month, marking a time to lighten up, to bring laughter into our lives, childlike play and experiences just for the sake of fun. This will be highlighting the end of Jupiter’s movement through Gemini over the last year. It moves into Cancer on the 26th June. During it’s time in […]

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