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Happy Birthday to all the Scorpios

May the coming year push you enough for you to be excited and challenge you enough for you to be invigorated. Completion of your tasks is important, as new projects and interests will start to come along in the New Year. Release your schedule of tasks that are dragging on, it’s only the ones that […]

November & December 2014

Astrovision Horoscopes Mood for the Month November:Desires are strong & powerful. Be careful for what you wish for, there is more to the picture than meets the eye. December: Life lessons are in every moment, in every meeting, and in every relationship. It is up to us to see these teachings. January 2015: Sharing with […]

Mars joins forces with Pluto

Over the next 10 days of November Mars will be coming across Pluto, both of which are in Capricorn. This is an excellent time to push yourself with an intense challenge, as these two deliver a punch of hard and fierce determination, giving us the motivation to rise above any obstacle. These two are the […]

Mercury Retrograde!

From the 5th Oct until the 26th Oct 2014 Mercury will appear to be moving backwards – in Astrology terms we call this Retrograde. The planet doesn’t actually go in reverse, it’s an optical illusion. However the energy represented by that planet goes all haywire – unreliable, erratic, with breakdowns and misunderstandings. As Mercury represents […]

Uranus, South Node and Lunar Eclipse combination

On 8th October at 11.56 pm NZ time we will have a Lunar Eclipse. This is occurring in the sign of Aries. We are to be aware of our own pathway, our responsibilities and actions. This will be in alignment with Uranus and with the South Node – what a mix! Watch out for accidents, […]

Libra’s Horoscope

Many Happy Returns, may the year ahead bring you many blessings of happiness! We’re all under intense pressure to rebirth humanity; breakthroughs are vital. Alongside to this you’re to generate motivation for shared goals to be achieved. Keep these in balance with your own goals – look out for being extreme with either as it […]

Happy Birthday to all the Virgos

May you have many happy returns. Your Horoscopes for 2014 / 2015: Following on from previous years you need to keep your relationships clean & clear. Having regular check-ins with each other is advisable, as it keeps you in touch with the reality of your relationship. Whilst sorting out issues is great, over-analysis is too […]

September & October 2014

by Harsha Rigney Mood for the Month September:Optimism & spontaneity are a delightful blend, as they open opportunities for dynamic adventures. Jump in! October:Inventive ideas, creative passion & energy bursts bring great excitement. Colour up your life, follow your heart’s desire. November:Desires are strong & powerful. Be careful for what you wish for, there is […]

Indulgence Supreme!

With Jupiter, Venus & the Sun all currently moving through the zodiac sign of Leo this is a wonderful time to be decadent and indulgent. Not so good for the waistline! Venus and Jupiter in particular love to bathe in the rewards of life, sensual pleasures and luxuries. They are presently at their closest, Friday […]

Happy Birthday to Leo’s

LEO (23 July – 23 August) Your focus for 2014:          MANAGE YOUR RESPONSIBILITIES AT HOME Time spent in Nature is of great benefit, as it is incredibly therapeutic. It brings feelings of acceptance, trust & emotional nourishment. As much as possible allow yourself the opportunity to build upon your relationship with Nature. Many insights […]

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