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MOOD FOR THE MONTH: JULY: Transformation happens under pressure. Resilience, strength & determination are required to make the shift happen. AUGUST: Warm-hearted relationships bring sunshine to our day. Find ways to celebrate with loved ones, making ordinary events extraordinary. ARIES: Creative projects will open up your life to new opportunities & experiences. It’s time to […]

Happy Birthday Cancerians

CANCER : (21 June – 23 July) Your focus for this year:          FREEDOM & FLEXIBILITY WITH YOUR WORK It is vital that you keep communication lines open & clear in all of your relationships, as any issue swept to the side will develop into a much bigger problem. It does take courage to spit out […]

Cardinal T-square

Over these next 4 weeks we will all be experiencing Mars opposing Uranus, both squaring off to Pluto. This creates what we call a T-square, as that is the shape that is formed. This in itself brings life event issues to a climax, where the two opposing forces test each other to find the balance […]

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