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Happy Birthday to Leo’s

LEO (23 July – 23 August) Your focus for 2014:          MANAGE YOUR RESPONSIBILITIES AT HOME Time spent in Nature is of great benefit, as it is incredibly therapeutic. It brings feelings of acceptance, trust & emotional nourishment. As much as possible allow yourself the opportunity to build upon your relationship with Nature. Many insights […]

Astrology Classes

Astrology Classes are starting soon for Term 3, 2014. In this term’s program I am providing lessons for levels 1, 3, & 5. Level 1 – learn the fundamentals of Astrology whilst discovering your own birthchart. Level 3 – understanding the aspects – the tapestry woven within your chart Level 5 – integration – pulling […]

Jupiter into Leo – let your heart shine

On Wednesday 16th July 2014 at 22.31 NZ time Jupiter moves into Leo. It will be here for 13 months, until August 2015. As Jupiter is the largest planet in our Solar System it represents in our lives the growth that comes through expansion & learning opportunities that open up our world, as in further […]

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