Mercury Retrograde!

From the 5th Oct until the 26th Oct 2014 Mercury will appear to be moving backwards – in Astrology terms we call this Retrograde. The planet doesn’t actually go in reverse, it’s an optical illusion. However the energy represented by that planet goes all haywire – unreliable, erratic, with breakdowns and misunderstandings. As Mercury represents all forms of communication, transport, electrical appliances, contracts, purchases, travel and studies when it goes retrograde all of these factors in our lives get disrupted. Therefore, as much as possible it is best to avoid any of the transactions or events, leaving them for when Mercury is again in Direct motion.

At this time of retrograde Mercury will be moving through Scorpio and Libra. Where this sits in your own chart will indicate exactly what areas of your life the mishaps will occur. In our Astrovision Moon Calendar we give the degrees of zodiac that each planet turns retrograde – from start to finish, so you can plot that onto your chart.

I write myself a Mercury Direct list of all the tasks that I want to get done but can’t while Mercury is retrograde. The list gives me a guideline so I can get them done once the planet has turned. With Mercury retrograde our thinking gets to be unreliable too so make sure you keep track of your list!