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The Best Gift Ever!

With all the present buying going on at the moment I thought I would share with you a hot tip on how to get an amazing present for a loved one. Wherever Jupiter is in our charts (by zodiac sign and house) shows where we ALWAYS WANT MORE. Therefore we are always keen to get […]

Nov. – Dec. 2015

 Mood for November: To be more efficient eliminate that which isn’t working, fix areas of wastage & clear away clutter. Set up systems to note the progress. Mood for December: Doubt & insecurities can shake relationships, allowing fear to seep into the cracks. Be careful of your thoughts. Build upon your trust.  ARIES: From 13th […]

Saturn in Sagittarius

As Saturn moves through the zodiac signs it brings with it the energy of discipline, structuring our life into form and direction. We get to add strength and substance to the relative energy of each zodiac. Overall it teaches us to manage ourselves, our tasks and time getting organized into a schedule, shepherding us along […]

Retrograde Planets

All of the planets, at varying dates and lengths of time, go retrograde. It is an optical illusion but it appears as if the planet is moving backwards. The energy indicated by the planet will also be held back, creating delays to our progress and hesitations to our movements. While retrograde planets can note disruptive […]

July – Aug 2015

Astrovision Horoscopes: July – Aug 2015 MOOD FOR JULY: Recognizing what we are to learn & what we are to teach helps our relationships to run more smoothly. Being blind to either is detrimental. MOOD FOR AUGUST: The motivation to do more will be strong. To reach our expectations it’s best to start with improving […]

Happy Birthday to Taurians and Geminis

TAURUS  (20 April – 21 May) Your focus for 2015:                         MAKE ROOM FOR NEW INTERESTS Be clear & certain as to what you are to hold onto & what you need to release. Your natural tendency is to keep acquiring more assets & securities. Over time these can become a burden. You are being asked […]

Giveaway Prize Draw

2015 Astrovision Moon Calendar Thanks everyone who entered, we have had a great response from you all. We thoroughly enjoyed reading your feedback about the calendar and have considered your ideas for future developments. The winners of the draw are as follows. Your prizes will be sent to you via the post in this next […]

PRESS RELEASE for the Golden Keys:

Generating Love Over the last 10 years Harsha Rigney has been researching, formulating and producing her book ‘The Golden Keys to the Temple of Love’. Written from her own life experiences and from the work with her clients, over the 30 years of her counselling practice, she has created this self development book. It takes […]

The Golden Keys Exercises

In my book, The Golden Keys to the Temple Of Love, I have created and given many self development exercises. Most of these you, the reader, can do spontaneously, either verbally or with pen and paper nearby. These two exercises I am providing here for you are a bit more involved with layout and information. […]

Pisces and Aries Birthdays

Happy Belated Birthday to all the Pisceans, wishing you a fantastic, creative and colourful year ahead. Happy Birthday to all the Arians, wishing you a wonderful year of new adventures, exciting experiences and new inspirations. PISCES (19 February – 21 March) Your focus for 2015:          KEEP LIFE-FORCE ENERGY FLOWING Being attentive to your holistic health […]

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