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Solar Eclipse March 20th 2015

Eclipses are a time when we can effortlessly re-direct our lives, as if pulling the lever on the railway track the train gets to move in a different direction. If we are prepared to move without resistance, amazing changes can happen. If we resist the changes the pressure can become overwhelming. We can de-rail our […]

North Node, Pluto & Uranus T-square

With the North Node (higher vibration) in Libra, (Feb 2014 – Nov 2015), we are all needing to deepen the quality of our relationships, finding ways to strengthen our connection to those we hold dear. It is good reminder not to take the other for granted or to get complacent with loved ones. It indicates […]

Mercury Retrograde!

Over the last 2 weeks Mercury has been retrograde (appears to move backwards). This has been happening in the zodiac sign of Aquarius. For everyone this has affected group gatherings, team tasks, community events and learning environments, making it very difficult to set them into place, get systems happening or to structure routines that are […]

Happy Birthday Aquarius & Pisces

AQUARIUS :(20 January -19 February) Your focus for 2015:          THE POWER OF MANY WILL BE INSPIRING Eating well, sleeping comfortably are simple modes of nourishment that will give you a steady platform to build your life upon. It’s through the comforts of routine, simplicity & security that no matter what comes along you know you’ll […]

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