Happy Birthday to Taurians and Geminis

TAURUS  (20 April – 21 May)

Your focus for 2015:                         MAKE ROOM FOR NEW INTERESTS

Be clear & certain as to what you are to hold onto & what you need to release. Your natural tendency is to keep acquiring more assets & securities. Over time these can become a burden. You are being asked to review what it is that you value & need in your life to be happy. The intensity of purging unwanted possessions will be exciting, once you get in the swing of it all. It’s time for you to restructure your lifestyle, rescheduling your routine, making room for new interests & activities to come in. A holiday or special occasion will bring highlights in September. This will bring opportunities, with family & friends, for future developments to be built upon. Be careful of excusing yourself from the event through laziness or postponement, as these only come around occasionally, therefore make the most out of it.

GEMINI (21 May – 22 June)

Your focus for 2015:          THE STRENGTH OF TOGETHERNESS

This is an excellent year to broaden your horizons with short trips & study projects, meeting new contacts & making new friends. This will boost your mental stimulation enormously. However, having too many options can scatter your thoughts. Keep your mind reliable by externalising your ideas, capturing them into a productive format. As of August focus your attention upon your home, setting up efficient systems & well organised zones. This will be a hive of activity, so manage your time & resources well. Throughout the year the quality of relationships will be important, bringing awareness to the depth of sharing, the strength of togetherness & the balance of relating. A particular relationship is ready to move into the next level of commitment. You can accelerate this by having a partnership goal to aim towards.