July – Aug 2015

Astrovision Horoscopes: July – Aug 2015

MOOD FOR JULY: Recognizing what we are to learn & what we are to teach helps our relationships to run more smoothly. Being blind to either is detrimental.

MOOD FOR AUGUST: The motivation to do more will be strong. To reach our expectations it’s best to start with improving our holistic health & increasing our energy levels.

ARIES: Up until Aug 9th give yourself time to rest, to step back from the activities of your life, taking time for your own emotional nourishment. Quietly pottering around at home or relaxing with a good book / movie is advisable. You’ll be pushing against the tide if you expect more than this from yourself. Relax!

TAURUS: From the 25th July until 6th September your ruling planet, Venus, will be retrograde (appearing to move backwards). This offers you a time to pause, to reflect upon your life, taking note of how you can colour up your life, enhancing your home with creative projects. Find ways to fill your days with fun.

GEMINI: Taking up a new study interest, hobby or creative pursuit is recommended over these months as your mind is restless for new stimulation. Without it you could be snappy with your communication. It is essential for your general health & well-being that you use your mind well.

CANCER: The New Moon on the 16th July is in your sign. What goals, dreams or wishes do you have? This is a time to create what you want in your life to be. It’s up to you to make it happen. With Mars also in your sign until Aug 9th the time is now to manifest your dream.

LEO: With your birthday month your ruling planet, the Sun, is in your sign. This is when you get to shine your brightest. Make the most of this time by putting yourself in the spotlight, expressing your creative best, sharing your talents for others to enjoy. Celebrate you.

VIRGO: These are the preceding months leading to the Solar Eclipse in your sign in September. You will be in the front line of action and change with this monumental event. In which direction do you want your life to go? Start making the steps of change now, before the intensity increases dramatically.

LIBRA: Along with Taurus, Venus is your ruling planet. From 25th July to 6th September Venus will be retrograde. Your involvement within your community, your friendship gatherings & social events will be areas of reflection. Choose wisely the people you surround yourself with at this time. Make sure they inspire & excite you.

SCORPIO: Saturn has stepped back into your sign until September 18th. In this time make sure you have quality time alone, assessing your direction in life & personal commitments. Do you feel balanced or are there some adjustments that need to be made? It’s time to redefine your pace of development, make sure it is healthy for you.

SAGITTARIUS: With your ruling planet, Jupiter, going into Virgo from August 2015 to September 2016 your work schedule will be pushed to its maximum. How much can you take on? Delegation & good time management will be essential to you meeting the demands this will bring. Stick to your priorities.

CAPRICORN: Friendships will feature strongly for you in this time. Either reconnecting with people from your past or being involved in team efforts that deepen the friendship connection will highlight. Life will bring interesting people into your everyday. Be attentive as to who these are?

AQUARIUS: Relationships need to have a common foundation to stand upon. Without shared goals or future plans there is no focus or direction together. To strengthen your partnerships make sure you are both compatible with your desires. This provides a good reality check, exposing the basis of your relating.

PISCES: Your health & fitness have been a major highlight over this last year. This is the final few weeks before changing focus. Make sure you utilize the energy well by bringing your health to a point of increased well-being, through stretching exercises & better eating. Feeling great in yourself is the indicator that you are on track.

Horoscopes: July & August 2015,   Harsha Rigney Astrovision             Copyright 2015