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New Moon 7’ Sagittarius – 30 Nov 2016

The New Moon, as always, sets the theme for the following Lunar cycle. With this New Moon, 30th Nov, we are to look at ways to open up our world. Sagittarius is the sign of the adventurer, where we push out our boundaries, taking on new experiences and discoveries. The house position this sits in […]

Dec 2016 – Jan – Feb 2017

Mood for Dec: Balance is easier when the proportions are right. Extreme measures are disruptive. Staying within set guidelines encourages development. Mood for Jan: Balancing all the factors of work, home, ourselves & our relationships brings fulfilment. Tension happens when one point dominates. Mood for Feb: Creativity is not just for entertainment but is also […]

New Moon in Scorpio – Mars & Pluto in Capricorn.

The New Moon 31st October 2016 occurred at 7° Scorpio‡. This sets the theme for the Lunar Cycle that follows on. The energy of this will motivate deep emotional purging, releasing old habits and buried issues. This can have a transformative outcome if handled well. The purging is therapeutic, clearing space and preparing for new […]

The Lunar Eclipse, 17th Sept 2016 @ 6.54 a.m. NZT.

This Lunar Eclipse is at 24°‹Pisces and will be sitting next to Chiron. It will inspire us to release the past, to remove unwanted energies, relationships or issues that need to be pruned away. In nature this pruning process happens as a natural and easy event. As humans we tend to judge or misunderstand the […]

Jupiter in Libra: Sept ’16 – Oct ’17

Jupiter takes approximately 12 years to do a full cycle around the Sun, and therefore around the zodiac signs as well. It takes roughly 1 year per zodiac sign.  On the 9th Sept 2016 until October 2017 Jupiter will be moving through Libra. Jupiter is the largest planet in our solar system and from its […]

Horoscopes Sept & Oct 2016

OVERALL MOOD FOR SEPT: To maximize the potential of current opportunities we need to be healthy. By focusing on our well-being it will open other pathways. OVERALL MOOD FOR OCT: Gratitude is strengthened when we view the reality of our life. We’re stepping away from weakness, building upon our stamina. ARIES: So much can be […]

Your Horoscopes for 2016

These are the horoscopes for 2016, as printed in our Moon Calendar – with half of the year gone it is a good time to check in with our progress. Happy reading! ARIES: (20 March – 20 April) Your focus for 2016:          The Ebb & Flow of Teaching & Learning Life is constantly presenting […]

Pluto in Capricorn 2008 – 2024: Restructuring Global Business

The recent events in England pulling out of the European Union are part of this process. The breaking down and rebuilding qualities are part of the restructuring. Countries will need to tighten their borders, at the same time maintaining new approaches to trade. We still have 8 years to go! Massive changes will happen when […]

Life flows effortlessly when we have the right balance.

We currently have to balance a good dose of energy in Virgo (Jupiter, North Node, & approaching Solar Eclipse) with a good dose of energy in Pisces (Neptune, South Node, following Solar Eclipse in Feb and Chiron). With any opposition it is a matter of getting the right proportion into play, balancing both types of […]

Thanks Everyone!

Thanks everyone for your wonderful feedback on our Calendar! We thoroughly enjoy reading them all, inspiring us into the next year’s production. 2017 will be our 20th year of producing the Astrovision Moon Calendar and we’re celebrating with a new product coming your way. Watch this space! Many blessings and thanks again. Here are only […]

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