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Happy Birthday to all the Geminis

This year you are to clearly define where it is that you belong. This is in reference to your home environment which is to be your sanctuary and healing space and with your work / career environment where you contribute your skills, time and talents for others to benefit. The Eclipses in Sept and Feb […]

We’ve been busy!

Sorry everyone for such a long delay in getting up another blog post but we have been busy! Over this last season we have shifted – that in itself is monumental for us as we don’t shift very often – we were in the last location for 18 years, that’s a North Node cycle. That […]

May – June 2016 Horoscopes

Mood for May: With careful planning, reliable methods & precise techniques the opportunity to create greatness is available. Utilise all the tools well.  Mood for June: There are many ways to reach the same outcome. Find the method that suits you best & stick to it. Allow others their way too.  Aries: Over these months […]

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