May – June 2016 Horoscopes

Mood for May:

With careful planning, reliable methods & precise techniques the opportunity to create greatness is available. Utilise all the tools well.

 Mood for June:

There are many ways to reach the same outcome. Find the method that suits you best & stick to it. Allow others their way too.


Over these months it is an excellent time for you to reflect upon the changes you have made since December 2015. Are there any other details you want to change, correct or clear to make your life more fulfilling? Look at the big picture of it all. While you like action this is a time to pause and reflect, then the action steps will flow easily.


With a Grand Trine in the Earth element this a wonderful time to plan your year ahead, taking into account the small steps that lead to the achieving of long term goals. Having tasks or goals in the right sequence is the key to an easy manifestation. Alongside of this you will need the right tools, equipment and systems to guarantee your success.  Don’t be scared to purchase what you need.


With Mercury, your ruling planet, retrograde until May 23rd your mind is on holiday, making everyday tasks slow and at times unproductive. Give yourself a break; take the easy approach until that date. From that point on it will be all systems go – you will be under pressure to achieve huge amounts. Time management isn’t your forte but it will, in June, be your greatest ally.


The New Moons in May and June are both part of major planetary configurations. These are putting pressure on you to expand your horizons, being open to new pathways, extending your networks and reaching out further. It’s time to step out of your comfort zones.  Keep the energy moving, roll with the changes.  Clear away clutter any time you feel stagnant, creating more space.


Take the time to question where do I belong in the wider world – looking at your contribution through your work, your community involvement and nature connections?  Are you in your niche environment? What would it take for you to settle more into this space, feeling secure and fulfilled within you and your world? Vision boards are a great way to help you to manifest your life dreams.


You hold the connection between two major configurations – one is uplifting, encouraging opportunities and energising, the other one is challenging, involves hard work and brings life lessons to your attention. Both are vital for your growth and development. Be the Master of your decisions, wise with your actions and aware of your choices. Systems, routines, time management and schedules will help you make the most out of this. Be open to new pathways.


Over these months be diligent with tying up loose ends, bringing tasks to closure, releasing you from old commitments and clearing clutter. Transformation comes when we accept the passing of the old ways, the purging of outgrown habits. Keep up the momentum with releasing, on all levels and in all ways. You need to create space for the changes that are coming over the horizon.


From the end of May until the beginning of August one of your ruling planets, Mars, will be in your zodiac sign. Until the end of June it will be retrograde (appearing to move backwards). This is taking you back to where you were at the end of last year – what do you need to relive, do again, or change to make your current situation better? It’s time to bring understanding to your actions and reactions.


You need to do a reality check on your life and make decisions accordingly. This is not a time for maybe – it has to be either a yes or no, black or white.  In early June changes within your home, work and relationships will be dynamic. Be strong and clear with expressing your truth. Balance and fairness are vital for progress to happen.  Look out for being too hard on yourself; there is no need for punishment.


With a Grand Trine in the Earth element you want to manifest something great in your life. However be careful of expecting too much too soon. With careful planning, time management and target setting everything will fall into place as it needs to. Pushing the pace prematurely will not bring the results you wanted. Be content to move at a slower pace, tending to everything once and well.


The people in your life are there to either teach you something or for you to teach them. Either way an exchange of learning is required. Be open to sharing your resources of time, talent, money and assets appropriately, finding ways to build upon the sharing of these with the other. Magic and miracles happen when we allow the other realms of energy infiltrate our lives, accepting the finer vibrations around. Be open to receiving.


Our health and well-being is our own responsibility. It takes effort and awareness to know our individual health recipe.  Recognizing what works for us with diet, exercise, supplements, sleep and tools for self development is a process of trial and error. It is important that you fine tune your health awareness, not postponing the review but acting upon what feels best for you right now, today.  Love yourself by honoring your health.