Your Horoscopes for 2016

These are the horoscopes for 2016, as printed in our Moon Calendar – with half of the year gone it is a good time to check in with our progress. Happy reading!

ARIES: (20 March – 20 April)

Your focus for 2016:          The Ebb & Flow of Teaching & Learning

Life is constantly presenting us with experiences to learn from, as well as situations where we can share our knowledge & expertise. Until Dec. 2017 your contribution in teaching others will be greater, balancing this with the learning from new situations. Everyday bring your awareness to the ebb & flow of teaching & learning, as this will open you to many more opportunities & the meeting of inspirational people. The Eclipses in March & Sept. focus on your efficiency with work & health. By releasing past attachments, outgrown habits & areas of wastage you will feel clearer & more flexible in your life. A thorough purging will spark a breakthrough. As of Sept. friendships & partnerships bring enthusiasm & new horizons. There is an abundance of life discoveries ahead; having a friend to share the experiences with is great.


TAURUS: (20 April – 21 May)

Your focus for 2016:          Listen to Your Heart

It’s the people in our lives that bring colour, dynamics & energy into our day. Being with those you love & hold dear is essential for a happy heart. At times we also need to review & assess the relationships that surround us, taking steps to create more distance when necessary. Such people pruning is healthy, as we redefine our space & levels of interest. Have the courage to listen to your heart, following the guidance from within. Clearing clutter is effective for everyone. You are still in the process of eliminating the stuff you have outgrown, simply lightening your load. Leisure activities lift your spirit, adding vitality to your soul. Jump into creative pursuits, just for the sake of fun – the rewards will be immeasurable. As of Sept. stretching exercises will help you feel more open to the increased work load that is starting then.     


GEMINI: (21 May – 21 June)

Your focus for 2016:          Have Set Times of Review

This is a significant year of changes & breakthroughs for you, focusing on your home, work & relationships. Balancing all of these will be especially important in the Eclipse times, March & Sept.  It’s vital you are clear, precise & defined as to what is working well & what needs to be released. Having set times of review will help you to stay on track. Your relationships are ready to go deeper, don’t wait for a crisis to instigate this. Dealing to issues as they happen will give you the strength & courage to relate from a deeper level. Your community & friendships continue to inspire you. There are so many ways to network & connect with like-minded others, locally & globally, the choices are endless. It is your own responsibility to keep your life interesting & vibrant. As of Sept. a special occasion or holiday will be a great highlight.

CANCER:  (21 June – 22 July)

Your focus for 2016:          Flexible Work Hours Suit You Best

We are in the final year of an intense configuration; this has put pressure on you to bring huge changes into your life. To make the best decisions it is advisable that you keep a clear head, free of unnecessary distractions & focused on improving your lifestyle. Keeping yourself occupied with work & health targets enables you to stay out of the stress zone. Having a purpose & direction adds strength to your motivation. Neighbourhood changes are likely. Make a point of connecting with those living near as it will be beneficial in the long term. Flexible work hours suit you best, offering you the freedom to explore other goals. As of Sept. home developments will feature strongly, this will make your home a hive of activity with visitors & creative projects. It’s time to make your home everything you want it to be.

LEO: (22 July – 23 August)

Your focus for 2016: Add Dedication & Discipline to Your Interests   

Opportunities are available for you to open up your life experiences through travel, spiritual discoveries, further education & outdoor activities. Alongside of this it is an excellent time for you to develop your creativity by adding dedication & discipline to your interests of theatre, music, art & dance. Heartache will be felt in your relationships if there is an imbalance of yes & no. To correct this & resume the harmony be specific in knowing how much to do for others & how much to let them do for themselves. This helps you to define your responsibilities & boundaries, strengthening your independence & building appreciation & respect in your relationships.  The Solar Eclipse in Sept. gets you to question your financial foundation, reviewing your asset base & means of income. Find ways to become more efficient & resourceful.

VIRGO: (23 August – 23 September)

Your focus for 2016:          Recognise Habits That No Longer Serve You

When we look at our life from a different perspective it opens our eyes to new insights & brings to our attention to areas that were hidden from our view. Through your relationships you are able to heal wounds, release stale emotion & recognise habits that no longer serve you. This is giving you an amazing opportunity to tidy up your life, from the inside out. To maximise this experience it is wise that you choose your relationships carefully. Growing, learning, progressing with another is the foundation of a happy partnership. Anything less than that is not to be tolerated. The Eclipses in March & Sept. will entice you to clear baggage from your life, to change attitudes in relating & to be more accepting of yourself.  The healing that is possible with the Eclipses is profound. You will have to earn it, but the rewards are great.

LIBRA: (23 September – 23 October)


The relationships you form in the different areas of your life structure your world. Presently you are to question the role & purpose each person is to you. It’s important you feel emotionally comfortable expressing your feelings with those close, keeping the communication lines open & clear. There is great potential for partnership projects when the sharing is light & energetic. Feeling bored, stuck or stagnant in your relationships will be detrimental, holding you back from reaching your goals. Proof of change is essential; note the breakthroughs as they happen. By bettering your health your energy levels increase, this helps you to improve your work efficiency & makes updating your skills & techniques easy. As of Sept. new horizons beckon your attention, urging you to open your sights to fresh adventures.

SCORPIO: (23 October – 22 November)

Your focus for 2016:          TRANSFORM YOUR LIFE WITH LOVE       

To learn how to love is the greatest lesson for us all. Over recent years life has presented you with the challenges of love, pushing you deeper into the experiences of your heart. This exposes the pain, the wounds, the lost dreams & the heartache buried there. It’s time to transform your life with the power of love, healing & releasing old scars.  Creative interests of theatre, music, art, writing or dance offer you a wonderful outlet to express the process of your transformation. Be careful of pushing love away. Have the courage to let your heart shine, not holding back or being miserly. It can be too easy to stay busy, distracted away from relating. Make a point of letting your loved ones know how much they mean to you. When we open our heart to love we see so much more love around us.  Relax & let it heal you.

SAGITTARIUS:  (22 November – 21 December)


You are easily captivated with promises of great adventures, seeing the grass greener somewhere else. It’s time to discipline yourself, making your promises & dreams a reality, manifesting them into your everyday world. Be aware of your own pace of development, keeping a healthy rate of progress – not too fast or too slow.  Work continues to push you to your maximum capacity. Delegation & knowing your priorities helps you to stay on top of the demands. You are to invest wisely your time, talents, resources & money into creating a solid financial foundation. Be ruthless in purging the items, habits & attitudes that you have outgrown. Recognise where you are now in your life, letting go the attachments of the past. From Sept. your community involvement, team projects & friendship gatherings will increase. Jump in!

CAPRICORN: (21 December – 21 January)

Your focus for 2016:          FEELING SPIRITUALLY FULFILLED

Our measure of how we value success is changing – this will have a huge impact upon you. Feeling spiritually fulfilled, emotionally nourished & soul enriched from living a simple, wholesome life is becoming the new structure. Getting caught up in complex lifestyles that bring high demands & stressful pressures with no food for the soul is losing its appeal. You are to question the quality of your lifestyle – what do you feel is missing?  The greatest change of all is that of attitude. Seeing the extraordinary experiences that come from ordinary events will transform your life, generating a more vertical reality. Feeling light, flexible, easy-going with your home environment allows you to have more energy for other interests & creative projects. Over the next 2 years tie up loose ends, bringing closure to past responsibilities.

AQUARIUS: (21 January -19 February)

Your focus for 2016:          YOUR INTUITION IS BECOMING STRONGER

Your intuition is becoming stronger, are you trusting the messages or do you need further confirmation of what you feel? If so, be fussy as to who you turn to for advise, make sure they are experts in their field, respected for their accuracy. Important decisions concerning your financial situation need to be made. Setting up effective systems helps you to manage your money better. Your communication is more direct now & continues to break free of fearful limitations. Choose wisely the friends you have around you, quality is better than quantity. As of Sept. look at ways to open up your world through further education, travel, spiritual discoveries & outdoor activities. It’s time to stretch your life experiences, broadening your horizons, taking on more with great enthusiasm. Having a coach or mentor to encourage you makes this easier.

PISCES: (19 February – 20 March)

Your focus for 2016:          IMPROVE YOUR TIME MANAGEMENT

Balance & moderation are your greatest guidelines this year. Focusing upon your holistic health continues, as you define your personal health recipe. From there the challenge is to live it. Being excessive, with too much or too little is easy for you to slip into; having someone to keep you accountable is wise.  To increase your productivity at work look to improve your time management, setting reasonable schedules into place that are easy to achieve. It is advisable you find other sources of income, being creative with your talents & time, flexible with how you generate your funds. This inspires greater financial independence, opening up opportunities later in the year. As you grow & change your connection with friends & community groups will come to a close. Allow these shifts to happen naturally; recognise your paths are moving apart.