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The Lunar Eclipse, 17th Sept 2016 @ 6.54 a.m. NZT.

This Lunar Eclipse is at 24°‹Pisces and will be sitting next to Chiron. It will inspire us to release the past, to remove unwanted energies, relationships or issues that need to be pruned away. In nature this pruning process happens as a natural and easy event. As humans we tend to judge or misunderstand the […]

Jupiter in Libra: Sept ’16 – Oct ’17

Jupiter takes approximately 12 years to do a full cycle around the Sun, and therefore around the zodiac signs as well. It takes roughly 1 year per zodiac sign.  On the 9th Sept 2016 until October 2017 Jupiter will be moving through Libra. Jupiter is the largest planet in our solar system and from its […]

Horoscopes Sept & Oct 2016

OVERALL MOOD FOR SEPT: To maximize the potential of current opportunities we need to be healthy. By focusing on our well-being it will open other pathways. OVERALL MOOD FOR OCT: Gratitude is strengthened when we view the reality of our life. We’re stepping away from weakness, building upon our stamina. ARIES: So much can be […]

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