Horoscopes Sept & Oct 2016


To maximize the potential of current opportunities we need to be healthy. By focusing on our well-being it will open other pathways.


Gratitude is strengthened when we view the reality of our life. We’re stepping away from weakness, building upon our stamina.


So much can be accomplished in this time with a plan and a strategy. With guidelines to manage your time and tasks your productivity will be at a peak. By increasing your amount of exercise your energy levels will also increase, this helps you to better your efficiency with your tasks, maximising this experience. With the Lunar Eclipse, 17th Sept, allow yourself time to rest, relax and unwind.


It’s time to beautify your workspace, making it a pleasure to be in. This is open to areas of unpaid employment as well, where you delight in being busy and focused. Where appropriate allow others to be part of the project or task as it will be too much for you to do entirely on your own. Make sure you have rewards for your efforts, preferably at the point of completion.


With your ruling planet, Mercury, retrograde (appearing to move backwards) until 22nd of Sept, your energy levels can be fragmented and erratic. Give yourself the opportunity to step back from anything of high demand, creating more space around you to reflect, ponder and review your life. Family events and special occasions will be highlighted over this next year, until Oct 2017. You’ll be welcoming more into your heartfelt fold.


The Solar Eclipse occurred on the 1st Sept. For you this noted changes to your transport, neighbourhood, communication, paperwork, contracts, siblings and study. From 2 months prior you have needed to address these points. The next eclipse season will be in February ’17 and will highlight your lifestyle, spiritual pathway, further education, outdoor activities & travel. If we make the changes in alignment with the eclipses the process is easy. Leaving it too late it becomes difficult and intense.


Communication with family and close friends will be more energetic and bluntly honest over this next year. This can bring past issues out into the open for discussion and healing. Truth is a great healing balm – like disinfectant it stings to begin with but the healing is accelerated.  A family event or shared project needs to be brought to completion, as having it drag on is draining.  A cleansing and release is of great benefit.


With the recent eclipse in your sign and Mercury your ruler currently retrograde it is important you give yourself the time to recharge your batteries. Up until the 22nd Sept take the time to re-energise through exercise, reading, reviewing your projects, and reflecting upon your life, gaining clarity as to your direction. From the 23rd Sept on you are to step forward with purpose and motivation, ready for action.


As of Sept 9th 2016 until Oct 2017 Jupiter, the planet of opportunities, expansion and adventures will be moving through your sign. This will bring many great invitations from life for you to expand your horizons, taking on more than you have previously experienced. This is a great time to stretch your capacity further, jumping into new situations. Take up the offer, be confident and bold, open yourself to the wonders life has for you.


Discipline and structure will help you to reach your goals. This may feel confining but the results will be excellent. This is a toughening up period, where you will have to apply yourself consistently and with rigid time guidelines. It may feel like a boot camp. The emphasis is on no wastage – of your time, talents, resources, money or emotion. Keep it all streamlined, focused on the goal. Set to and get the job done.


After a long year of hard work and discipline you are ready for some light-hearted social time and happy community events. This will open your world up with new friends and networks to explore. With this comes fresh mind stimulation with new interests, study programmes, inspirational people and positively challenging tools and techniques to learn. This will bring many great connections and genuine friends.


Up until 22nd Sept review your plans, your goals and set direction. There are some points that need to be adjusted as they won’t fit to the new programme that is emerging. Some truths recently shared need time to be absorbed. Your work and life goals are about to get a huge boost of energy. It is essential you are clear and decisive as to where you are focusing your attention. Be careful of distractions wasting your time.


Financial matters need to be tidied up before the Full Moon, Lunar Eclipse on the 17th Sept. While it is always best to leave signing any contracts until after Mercury has gone direct, 22nd Sept, there are some references to your money that need sorting out before then. This was a point of attention that was significant earlier in the year, Feb / March 2016 and now needs closure. Feb 2017 will mark another important time for your finances.


With the Virgo eclipse behind us we are to turn our attention to the approaching Pisces eclipse in February 2017. This will propel the release from deep within, clearing away oceans of emotion. With present planetary positioning we are being pressured to manifest our dreams, no longer keeping them in the other realms of being. You are being tested to add structure, time & proof of your efforts to your dreams, grounding them into this physical reality.