Dec 2016 – Jan – Feb 2017

Mood for Dec:

Balance is easier when the proportions are right. Extreme measures are disruptive. Staying within set guidelines encourages development.

Mood for Jan:

Balancing all the factors of work, home, ourselves & our relationships brings fulfilment. Tension happens when one point dominates.

Mood for Feb:

Creativity is not just for entertainment but is also soul enriching. Open up your world through creative expression. Let your story be heard.


In the first few weeks of Dec get out and about socialising and getting involved in your local community events. This will be refreshing and fun.  From Dec 19th to Jan 28th you will want to be as relaxed as possible, going with the flow, allowing life to take you on an easy path. From the 28th Jan to mid March your energy levels are at their peak. This will have you being busy all day long. Enjoy the rest while you can. The Lunar Eclipse in Feb will mark a time of celebration for you and your family.


Be careful of getting swept along with the hype of festive occasions and the demands of a super social time. Stay within your comfort zones of your eating and sleeping routine, with the occasional event to lift the pace. As of Jan 3rd to Feb 4th spending time in nature will be deeply healing and rejuvenating. Being creative and enjoying the arts through music, dance, theatre, writing and art will feed your soul.


Over this time your ruling planet, Mercury, will be going retrograde, (Dec 19th – Jan 8th). In this period it is appropriate that you delve deeply into the unseen elements of life – accepting the forces of change that are happening, embracing your deeper emotions and allowing the insights from past experiences to reach the surface. Once it has gone direct you will be able to speak openly and easily of these connections. Be patient; hold your tongue until the right time.


With the Eclipses happening in February (Solar 27th and Lunar 11th) we will feel the energy start to climb as of the New Moon in December, 29th. As you are ruled by the Moon you are swept along with this build up of energy. Eclipses give us the opportunity to change our life direction. However many people get caught in the whirlwind. It’s best for you to stay within your close relationship base, being in familiar and trusting environments. Being out in nature is healing and soul fulfilling.


The Lunar Eclipse on Feb 11th will be in Leo. This is heralding a time, over these summer months, for you to question your connections with the people in your life. Imagine these as cardboard cut-outs with you standing in the middle of a circle, where would you position them each individually? Some people are too close; they need to be placed further back. Some are too far away; they need to come in closer. Some you have in the right spot already. Listen to your heart for it will tell you exactly where you want them to be. Have the courage to act on this.


With Mercury, one of your ruling planets, (Chiron is the other one) going retrograde from Dec 19th to Jan 8th, you will be revisiting relationship issues that have been in process since 2007. Now is your chance to clear the air of old emotion, misunderstandings or unfulfilled contracts. Over the following weeks make sure you note the progress as it happens, seeing the steps of change and the breakthroughs. The Full Moons in Dec (14th), Jan (13th) and Feb (11th) will all be vital to your developments with relationships. Keep clearing the clutter.


Over these next 4 months you are being challenged to get the right balance of time alone, focusing on your own interests, tasks and projects and time with others, working towards common goals and shared activities. If you spend too much time dedicated to one of these extremes to the detriment of the other side the stress and tension will escalade rapidly. On a daily basis try to keep both sides happy; time for yourself, time with others. Moderation and equality are vital. You will revisit this challenge again in Sept &Oct.


Important decisions regarding your family and your career / work goals need to be put into place by February. In December and January give yourself time to reflect upon your situation, going over the facts, figures, possibilities and ideas. Set yourself targets to reach with each of the Full Moons (Dec 14th, Jan 13th Feb 11th). Creative interests help you to focus the energy well. Any form of energy wastage will be frustrating. If your goals are too big break them down into smaller measures.


Along with the Lunar Eclipse in Feb, Saturn and Uranus are forming a Grand Trine in fire. This will be of great benefit to everyone but especially those, like yourself, who are Fire signs, (Aries and Leo are the other two fire signs). Opportunities are available for you to stretch out your boundaries, to take on more than before and to be in the flow of greatness! Decisions made at this time will have enormous positive impact upon your life. Be courageous, believe in the impossible!


From Dec 19th to Jan 8th take the opportunity to reflect upon your life path, going into deep soul searching by asking yourself: Where do I want to be, what are my priorities, what tasks do I want to focus upon?  You have the opportunity to complete a long desired goal in this year of 2017. To complete this you need the support from your home environment, both in the freedom to dedicate the time to your project and in the lightness of emotional needs. You will also require financial backing, motivation and encouragement from others. With all factors in place the outcome can be great.


With Mars, Venus and the Sun coming through Aquarius in this time frame you will be buzzing with all the social interaction that is happening. Make the most out of the community events, friendship gatherings and social occasions. As we are all moving into the next Eclipse season in February the pressure starts to build. This has a huge impact on people’s behaviour. Light entertainment is always welcome at such intense times. The Fire Grand trine coming together in February will highlight many new friends coming into your life.


The Solar Eclipse in February (27th) will be the final one in a series of Eclipses that have been over the last 2 years in the polarity of Pisces / Virgo. This has put you through your paces, testing and challenging you to act upon life changes. Most times you prefer to just go with the flow, allowing life to take its own course of action. Take the time to reflect upon your journey over the last 2 years. Let the tides of change do their work, bringing you to a clearer, healthier, more dynamic place.


If you know your Ascendant sign it is recommended to read that one as well as your Sun sign.