New Moon, 2′ Cancer on the 24th June 2017, 2.31 pm NZT

The New Moon is the start of the lunar cycle and from its zodiac placement it will set the theme, or mood, for us all for the month ahead.  Where this sits (by house position and aspects) in our individual chart will indicate our own personal experiences in this time.

This New Moon, (Sun and Moon together), is in Cancer, sitting alongside Mercury (thought processes, communication) and Mars (physical activity, willpower).  This is a great time to be planning, organising our thoughts into a programme of action to follow.

With Mars in its weakness in Cancer (here until July 21st) all activity is based on a tidal pulse of action and rest, high tide and low tide. Be ready to act when the tide is high and willing to rest when the tide is low. Don’t try to push the river or force the tide! This is teaching us to feel the energy, to recognize the flow and to act accordingly.

The Moon is in its rulership in Cancer and here we feel the desire to nest, to get cosy and comfortable, and to create nourishing environments.  This is a month for us to put extra energy into looking after ourselves, and to strengthen our methods of caring for our loved ones.  The main emphasis is on emotional support, gentle guidance and acceptance, tuning into the sensitivity of feelings and intuition. Cancer is the sign of the emotionally nurturing parent, often termed ‘the mother duck’. This is a time to question our emotional responses, to review our connection to the realm of feelings and to heal ourselves of emotional scars.

Huge waves of emotional release are likely, helping us to cleanse away attachments from the past. Purging and purification are a necessary part of the healing process if we have become poisoned or overwhelmed with situations that are no longer healthy for us. It’s best to go with this, as any form of resistance will be stressful. Relax into your own inner guidance, trusting in your own process and timing. Take the time to recognize the old identities of who you were but now have grown out of. Release these away.

The Full Moon, 9th July, will be in Capricorn. This marks a time to show some proof of our efforts. Remember those tides are still allowing some productivity to happen. With the Full Moon sitting alongside Pluto the impact will be huge. Our productivity has to be worthwhile, it has to be adding to our long term plans and giving indication of reaching some significant goals. It’s good to keep that in our sights while we plan our next month.

The fire grand trine is in full force – Uranus in Aries – keep your energy light and vibrant / North Node in Leo – have the courage to express your heart / Saturn in Sagittarius – stay true to your own wisdom, see the lessons in everyday experiences. This is asking that we all find creative ways to lift our life vibration to another level – creativity is love in action – it transforms the ordinary into being extraordinary. Grand trines don’t come around that often and their invitation can be a soft whisper – be attentive, make the most out of it, be careful of passing it by!

Wishing you all a warm-hearted, deeply caring and nurturing Cancerian lunar cycle.