New Moon 23rd July 2017: Let the force be with you!

Today the New Moon will occur at 9.46 pm NZ time.

This sets up the theme for the next month. As the next New Moon on 22nd August will be a Solar Eclipse we are from this New Moon today going into what I refer as ’the super intense zone’. This means that the energy of the approaching Solar Eclipse is building up, increasing in pressure, and pushing us to make significant changes in our lives. Let the power of our love shine through! Where in your life do you need more colour, vibrancy, celebration and love?

Today’s New Moon is at 0’ Leo, the Solar Eclipse on the 22nd August will be at 28’Leo. Therefore we are getting 2 Leo New Moons – a time for us to be courageous in expressing our love, not being shy or reserved, invisible or subdued. Leo is a fire, fixed sign – the power of love is a substantial force in our lives and one we can build our relationships, our goals and our aspirations upon. Love is a transforming force. Creativity is an expression of love in action. We are ultimately creative in producing our offspring, bringing children into life. Leo, & the 5th house (the Leo house), indicate the children in our lives, along with our family and closest friends. This is a month to celebrate our lives with our loved ones. Creative activities of theatre, music, writing, art and dance are forms of sharing our hearts expressions. This Eclipse season is asking that we incorporate these activities more into our everyday, finding our methods, means and style of expression. Therefore this is a great month to have a party, to attend a theatre production, to take up learning an instrument, to get your art gear out of the cupboard, to be bold & colourful, festive and expressive!

With the current Grand Trine in Fire this is an excellent time to raise our vibration through being passionate, creative, motivated and adventurous. Energy makes energy! By giving out energy, generating fire in ourselves we get so much more energy in return.

Happy New Moon everyone. Hope you have a great month discovering more of life’s wonders by being creative. Enjoy!