Sept – Oct – Nov – Dec 2017

Mood for September: When we focus on our health by improving our diet, exercise & attitudes we increase our energy levels, lifting our self esteem.

Mood for October: To embark on an adventure is to embrace the unknown.  Find a challenge that excites you; stretch your capacity into new territory.

Mood for November:  Resilience gives us depth. Awareness brings us light. These two resources guide us through testing times. Be strong & clear.

Mood for December: With a plan & a purpose we are to set our path, facing our future direction. Then wait patiently for the right time to act. It all happens in its right time.


ARIES: From the 23rd Oct. to the 9th Dec your ruling planet Mars is moving through your area of relationships. This is a great time to build upon your partnerships & close friendships, strengthening your connections by sharing projects, interests and activities. Choose these people wisely and appropriately, as you need to be with others that are as motivated as you are. Frustration will develop if you feel you are dragging them along. It’s all about balance and equal sharing.

TAURUS: In this time Jupiter, the planet of opportunities and expansion, is moving into your opposite sign of Scorpio. This generates a greater desire in you to experience more in and from your relationships. It will be here until Nov 2018. This is a wonderful opportunity to be more adventurous, available and optimistic with your partner, friends, coaches or counsellors. It’s time to open up your world through your relationships.

GEMINI: With Jupiter moving into Scorpio, 11th Oct until Nov 2018, your work space will become busier. This will test your time and task management. While you may wish to have everything perfect immediately it will be better to allow yourself more time and space to create this.  By keeping yourself active through stretching exercises you will easily be able to increase your workload; your confidence will grow as you become more physically flexible.

CANCER: A holiday or special family event will highlight this season for you. Find ways to build upon your personal environment, beautifying your home, family areas and general work spaces. This is a wonderful way to share and show love for those you hold dear, by creating warm and inviting areas to relax in. The Full Moon, 4th Nov, is an excellent time for you to celebrate with friends in your community, focusing on rewards and recognition.

LEO: The recent Solar Eclipse has been in your sign, marking a time of significant changes and shifts of energy in your life. Take this opportunity to ask yourself “how can I bring out my potential, sharing my creative best?” Don’t wait for others to get the ball rolling; it’s time to activate your own developments. Changes to your home environment are likely, if not by residence then in the level of activity. Keep the line of communication open and clear; little niggles can easily become big issues.

VIRGO: Saturn is in the final stages of moving through your home environment. It has been here since Sept 2015. Use this structuring and disciplined energy to get your home in order, tending to all the tasks that have been on your list for a while. Completion is the key. Set yourself a timeline, setting out the tasks in the right order. You will enjoy your holiday and recreational time more when these tasks have been ticked off. Tend to one area at a time.

LIBRA: Jupiter has been in your sign since Sept 2016 and will be moving out mid Oct 2017. In these final weeks find ways to maximize your projects by securing the right person to help you with the task. By sharing the load with another you can create a greater outcome. With Jupiter in Scorpio Oct 2017 to Nov 2018 it will be time to focus on developing your skills and talents. Find ways to promote or extend yourself, strengthening your financial foundation.

SCORPIO: Are you ready? Jupiter will be moving through your sign as of Oct 11th 2017 until Nov 2018. This planet takes 11.75 years to do the lap around the Sun, around the zodiac signs. As it goes it opens up opportunities, broadens our horizons, increases our energy levels and lifts our spirits. This can generate new horizons for you to travel to, new subjects to study, and inviting new life experiences to open up your world. Be ready to jump – this is all or nothing!

SAGITTARIUS: Saturn, the planet of discipline, time management, security and boundaries will be moving out of your sign on Dec 20th. It has been here since Sept 2015. Over this time you needed to show proof of your efforts, to have increased your productivity and to have established firm measures and boundaries. With it going into Capricorn in Dec the next few years will be a time for you to strengthen your financial structures, building on your financial future. Be wise, discerning and practical with your money and assets.

CAPRICORN:  With Saturn, your ruling planet, coming into your sign in Dec. this season is asking that you prepare the ground for the new growth, in the New Year. Clear away clutter, finish off your tasks, tie up the loose ends, and release yourself of old habits. Be patient with bringing in the new energies and projects – they will come in good time. Saturn has a 29 year cycle – the benefits it will bring into your life are great, you need to be prepared to receive them.

AQUARIUS: The Eclipses occur on a 6 monthly interval, marking times of intense breakthroughs and changes. The current Eclipse pattern is oscillating between Leo and Aquarius. We had Eclipses in August 2017.  The next Eclipses will be in Feb 2018, (Solar Eclipse in Aquarius, Lunar Eclipse in Leo). We are to review the people in our lives, bringing some closer into our inner circle, and creating more space and distance with others. Make sure you do this wisely, choosing the right people to have in your life. Let your heart be happy.

PISCES: Over the last year you have been digging deeply into relationship issues. This has been provocative, and at times, intense. These shifts of energy have been transforming, even though they haven’t fully surfaced yet, they will in time.  You are now ready to leave this behind, creating an easy flow of healing, health and well-being. Find ways to open up your world through travel, outdoor activities and new adventures. You need a vision of opportunities to excite your future.


Happy days everyone! Blessings.