Jupiter in Scorpio – Adrenaline adventures

Jupiter moves into Scorpio on 11th Oct and will be there until Nov 2018. Wherever Jupiter moves it shows us where and how we always want more from life. With it in Scorpio we will be hungry for challenges, projects and tasks that push us to the next level.  Scorpio is the sign of intensity, death and rebirth, forces of power. Jupiter magnifies as it goes, the energy of the zodiac sign. This can be hugely transforming or greatly destructive. The choice is ours.

Fear is likely to surface like a serpent from the deep waters. We are to rise above these obstacles, not giving in to the limitations of fear but learning from the lessons and cautions.

This transit gives us the opportunity to totally rebirth our lives, (in reference to where this sits by house and quadrant in our chart.) It will inspire us to make it or push us to break it.  To make the most out of this experience choose your challenges consciously, be aware and alert to the power of desires. Be attentive to the forces of energy that come with desire, as they can overwhelm us, consume us and dominate us. Be clear as to the movements you make – the ripple effects will have a lasting impact. Know your intentions. Stay connected to your healing truth, your intuitive guidance and the light of your spirit.

As Jupiter moves through Scorpio it will be making a positive connection to Neptune in Pisces – Jupiter and Neptune both rule Pisces. This indicates that with the right guidance, and clarity of intention, we can create magic, healing miracles, transforming our lives to other levels of experience. Let your light shine your path.  This in itself can create a huge wave of spiritual connections globally.

For those that have planets or points in the mid degrees of Cancer these two planets above will formulate a Grand Trine for you, by transit. This is hugely beneficial to your life, offering many blessings and opportunities. Listen to your intuition, let spirit energy flow freely through you, trust your gut feeling and go with what feels right.