Current planetary weaknesses

Each of the planets in our Solar System has zodiac placements where they are in their strength and also in their weakness. When a planet is in its strength the energy relative to that planet is accelerated, excited, and easy for us express. We feel vibrant and healthy with this as the planet’s energy flows well. On the opposite side of the scale when a planet is in its weakness the energy relative to that planet is difficult for us to express, we struggle to find a flow, it feels like we are wading through mud – the energy is heavy and hard to deal with.

Presently, in November 2017 we are experiencing Mercury, Venus and Mars all in positions of their weakness. The energies of these planets are not flowing well, it takes more effort to get results and we struggle in our day to day lives trying to get some momentum into our tasks.

Mercury indicates our communication, the gathering and giving of ideas and the sharing of information. It is presently in Sagittarius – from Nov 6th to Jan 11th. Here the flow of communication gets disrupted by Sagittarius beating around the bush – too much information becomes an overload. The effect here is feeling overwhelmed even with simple tasks – too much mind stimulation creating a bottleneck of expression. To remedy this tend to your tasks in smaller bites, have regular breaks and download any excess of information into reliable means of recording for later – noting it down either written or digital.  Look out for Mercury going retrograde on the 3rd Dec until the 23rd Dec. Best to get your Christmas shopping out of the way early as this could easily create havoc and mischief!

Venus indicates our sensual experiences of life – sight, sound, taste, touch and smell. It highlights our creative expression, and appreciation of beauty.  It gives insight into our relationships. With this being in Scorpio 8th Nov until 1st Dec we could easily be unsettled in our relationships – doubting the other person’s love, being suspicious of hidden agendas and creating mountains out of molehills. Any suppressed issues in the relationship will surface – do your best to clear them out, don’t bury them deeper or they will be problematic at another time. Find ways to do this clearing in a loving environment with support and care.  To remedy Venus it needs to build on the trust within the relationship. Stay within the healthy measures of ‘what is happening’, not ‘what if this could happen’. Keep grounded and find ways to simplify. Drama will only create more drama; don’t add fuel to the fire!

Mars indicates our motivation, our drive and determination. It is currently in Libra – From 23rd Oct until Dec 9th. Here Mars gets caught in the web of dependency within the relationship, waiting for the other to be ready. This can become frustrating if the other isn’t motivated to reach the same goal or do the same task. Frustration within the relationship can be detrimental and stressful, upsetting the harmony of relating. To remedy this it is important to have some time being independent, not just focused on the togetherness of relating but the balance of two strong individuals. From this point there is no resentment. We all need our own space too.

The New Moon on this Sunday 19th Nov will be with the Moon in Scorpio, its weakness – doubt, insecurities and emotional upsets can highlight the month ahead. We will need regular check in points to stay grounded in ourselves and connected to our loved ones. Don’t let a little issue become a big problem – nip it in the bud.

With all of these in their weakness this is a trying time. So take it easy, look after yourself and remember to share your positives with your loved ones. Everyone is under pressure at this time so hold back on venting the negatives. It’s best to find healthy ways to release that stress.  Happy days everyone – take care!