Sagittarius New Moon

Dec 18 2017

When the Sun and Moon join together in our sky we call it a New Moon, they start a new cycle that we call the Lunar Cycle. As the Moon moves around the Earth it will separate from the Sun’s placement, growing in light, making its way to the opposite point in our sky. We call this the Waxing Moon. When the Sun is on one side of the Earth and the Moon is directly on the other we call it a Full Moon. From that point the Moon will start to move closer to the Sun again and as it does so it will reduce in light, we call this the Waning Moon. All up this journey takes 28 days. In this time the Sun has moved on as well so by the time the Moon catches up to the Sun again it will be a total of 29.5 days – the length of time that is the Lunar Cycle. This gets broken down into 4 weekly measures each noted by a phase – New, ¼, Full, ¾. Just like the minute hands on a clock we see the ¼ past, the half past, the ¼ to etc.

The zodiac sign the New Moon (the Sun and Moon together) is in will determine the theme for the Lunar Cycle that follows. This helps us to plan the month ahead according to the energy noted by that zodiac sign.

The New Moon in Sagittarius, 18 Dec 2017, is bringing to our attention the need to express our truth, to be courageous and open in telling our story and to share our experiences, our enthusiasm and our passion for life. Sagittarius is a fire sign, I refer to it being like a bush fire – it’s all or nothing!

This New Moon was aligned with Mercury, Venus (the Sun and Moon), the Galactic Centre, and Saturn, all in Sagittarius. All together they speak of a time of strong communication, of the power of our thoughts and words, of the transformation that comes from speaking from our heart, and from being honest in expressing who we are. It marks a time for us to be genuine and bold to tell it how it is. Sagittarius is the sign that can handle any situation as long as it knows what it is going on. It hates deceit; it detests lies and won’t tolerate any form of pretending.

With the New Moon at 26’ Sag it squares (90’) off to Chiron at 24’ Pisces. Here we need to bring healing to old wounds, to tidy up situations that have been vague or confusing, where we have struggled to get clarity or have lost energy from beating around the bush! Sagittarius gives the truth, offering the disinfectant that stings when applied to a wound but instigates the healing process. Yes we need to rip the bandage off, yes we need to apply the stinging disinfectant. It is vital we have chosen the right place, the right person, the right time to rip that bandage off – inappropriate exposure of a deep wound can be detrimental. Be fussy as to who you share your truth with, find the right time, place and setting for it to happen. Just make sure you follow through the healing process – this is giving us a huge opportunity to release wounds that have sat around for a long time.

As the Moon moves through Pisces it will in provoke this to happen – the dates of that are Dec 24th, 25th and 26th. Be prepared to lovingly heal old wounds. Be gentle, wise and deliberate. Let the softness of Pisces, the deep acceptance that comes with that, be like soft water on the wound, washing away all toxins.

Uranus is at 24’ Aries, trining (120’) the New Moon. This brings positive gains from being daring, from trying new activities, being spontaneous and open to meeting new friends. As the Moon crosses over this point, 28th Dec the energy will be lively, buoyant and adrenaline fueled.

This is a busy week – a New Moon on Monday, Saturn moved in to Capricorn today, we have the Summer Solstice on Friday 22nd and Mercury is going Direct on Saturday 23rd. For more information on all of those please check out my Moon Calendar!

Wishing you all a wonderful festive season with many blessings of love, Harsha