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Happy New Year for 2019

May the coming year bring you many blessings of love and happiness. We start 2019 with a Solar Eclipse in Capricorn (6th Jan, @15’ Capricorn) and finish 2019 with a Solar Eclipse in Capricorn (26th Dec, @ 4’ Capricorn). These are like the start and finish lines to what is to be a highly productive […]

Chiron in Pisces

Chiron gives indication to our healing process, where we are to rip the bandage off, expose the wound, deal with the release of the infection, and finally add the disinfectant. This process is deep, therapeutic and provocative. It helps us to identity the areas of our pain and to find effective ways to bring healing. […]

New Moon Nov 2018

Each month when the Sun and Moon align at the same zodiac degree we call it a New Moon. This is the start of the next lunar cycle. From the zodiac position this occurs in we get to see the energy that marks the theme for the following 4 weeks. In a months’ time the […]


The New Moon sets the theme for the month to follow. With this being in Leo this month is a time for us to celebrate life with loved ones, to express ourselves more energetically through our creative interests and to lift our spirits through recreational activities. Have fun! With this New Moon being a Solar […]

The Eclipses in July & Aug 2018

The Solar Eclipse at 20’ Cancer on the 13th July 2018 is directly opposite Pluto at 20’ Capricorn. Solar Eclipses on their own are challenging for us all, indicating times of increased pressure and intensity. With this event in alignment with Pluto – the planet of deep transformations, we are all being pushed into make […]

Winter Solstice 21 June 2018

With the movement of the Sun into the zodiac sign of Cancer it sets the day and time of the Solstice. For those of us in the Southern Hemisphere this marks the shortest day and longest night, known as the Winter Solstice. In the Northern Hemisphere this is their Summer Solstice, with the longest day […]

New Moon 22’ Gemini, 14th June 2018

The New Moon today is setting the theme for the month ahead to be based on communication, the gathering and giving of ideas and the sharing of thoughts and feelings. Our minds are buzzing with fresh concepts and mental stimulation. With the ruler of Gemini in a water sign it is important for us all […]

2018 MoonCalendar Giveaway Draw

 Thanks everyone for your wonderful feedback on our 2018 Moon Calendar! We thoroughly enjoy reading your comments and messages of appreciation. They give us a great dose of motivation to work on the next year’s Moon Calendar production. We get great delight in knowing our calendar is a well valued addition to your homes and […]

Horoscopes May – June – July 2018

Mood for MAY: Entertainment is a healthy distraction from the pressures of life.   We are changing gear, changing pace. Allow your sensitivity to guide you home. Mood for JUNE: Every great tree started as a sprouted seed. Create the space for your ideas to grow. It takes time, effort & the right conditions to be […]

New Moon Taurus 15th May 2018

As with every New Moon the energy for the month ahead is set by the actual time and event of the Sun and Moon being at the same degrees in the zodiac.  The chart that is set for that time gives the mood for the weeks to follow. This New Moon, being in Taurus, is […]

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