Archive / April, 2018

Full Moon 9’ Scorpio: Be aware of desires

  The Full Moon marks a time when the Lunar Cycle reaches the point of climax, or peak. Our energy is full and ready for release. Extreme behavior is more likely to happen with the Full Moon. The Moon is at the furthermost measure away from the Sun, sitting opposite it in our sky. As […]

New Moon 26’ Aries 16th April 2018

As with all New Moons they set the mood for the month that will follow. The planetary positions at this time are included in setting the theme. With Uranus in Aries being only a couple of degrees from the New Moon (Sun and Moon) it indicates this month can be highly energized with spontaneous activities. […]

Mercury Retrograde 23rd March – 15th April 2018

Mercury, the planet that indicates our communication and flow of ideas, goes retrograde (appearing to move backwards) 3 times each year for approximately 3 weeks each time.  When this occurs we get to experience communication hic-cups! Electrical appliances, vehicles, electronic devices and all means of communication tools are affected by the disconnected energy. This is […]

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