Horoscopes May – June – July 2018

Mood for MAY: Entertainment is a healthy distraction from the pressures of life.   We are changing gear, changing pace. Allow your sensitivity to guide you home.

Mood for JUNE: Every great tree started as a sprouted seed. Create the space for your ideas to grow. It takes time, effort & the right conditions to be great.

Mood for JULY: We are shifting our emotional structures, redefining our needs of support & nourishment. To be independent is to be spiritually strong & resourceful.

ARIES: In late June your ruling planet, Mars, will go retrograde. This will remain retrograde until the end of August. This will be a time for you to reflect upon your relationships and can easily see you pull back from many of the community activities that have taken your time in the past. With Chiron in Aries your health needs to be your main focus. Be sure of the energy tasks cost you. It’s time to be efficient with your activities.

TAURUS: With Uranus now in your sign this is a time to change your routine, to shift yourself out of old comfort zones and move into new territories. This can be on any level- physical, mental, emotional and spiritual but in all references it starts with an attitude change. Pay attention to what you are gaining, not on what you are losing. There are many opportunities of growth available to you. Be willing to view other options, as the alternative path can be exciting.

GEMINI: The Uranus in Taurus transit gives you the opportunity to clear away old items, attachments, identities from your past, possessions no longer needed and a general release of stagnant energy. What have you been holding onto that now is ready for you to let go of? This will happen in layers and as the release goes on you will feel lighter in yourself and more connected to life.  This is currently highlighting all forms of communication, contracts, documents and paperwork. Keep only the essential, let all the rest go.

CANCER: With the New Moon in Taurus, 15th May, we move into the ‘hot zone’ leading towards the Solar Eclipse in July. This first eclipse will be in your sign – marking a significant event for you. In whatever area of your life you feel to bring in change don’t ignore the message. It is advisable to make the necessary steps of redirecting your life, preferably ahead of schedule. Resisting these feelings will be detrimental. Take the time to listen to your own intuition, stay true to your inner voice.

LEO: You like to gather your loved ones around you, creating happy occasions and celebrations. While this year does indicate some significant events and festivities for you there are also responsibilities and duties that need your attention. To be productive with your activities adopt good time management skills, noting the measures of progress as you go. At times this can be erratic with 2 steps forward and 1 back! Overall it is worth the effort.

VIRGO: Chiron is a co-ruler of Virgo and with its recent move into Aries it is asking that you look into the shadow areas of your life. This encompasses your will, insurances, superannuation, loans, mortgages and benefits. It’s time for you to review these factors, making sure they are appropriate to where you are now in your life. Deep soul healing and transformation is also highlighted as you journey deeper into your sub-conscious, understanding your habits and desires.

LIBRA: With Jupiter, the planet of expansion and opportunities, in your financial area this is a great time for you to generate more funds into your life. This can come through the selling of outgrown items that you no longer require. It’s time to be ruthless, creating space for new growth and purchases to come.  What talents do you have that can generate an income for you? Be courageous in taking that next step forward.

SCORPIO: You need an adventure to excite you, a challenge to captivate your attention, and a desire to motivate your energy. In these months joining forces with another helps to spark your vision of what is possible. A change of pace and place will do wonders for your optimism. Be careful of feeling stagnant as that could lead to sudden events, rash behaviour and accidents. Be willing to take on that challenge.

SAGITTARIUS:  Take the time to relax, allowing yourself time off from your busy schedule. Pottering around at home, being in the garden or at the beach with friends is a wonderful way to let go the stresses of everyday life. As the energy builds towards the next Solar Eclipse in July you are being asked to deepen your spiritual connection, to find your sanctuary and to be at peace within. Tune in to your inner wisdom.

CAPRICORN:  Slow down; be sure of who you are now in your life and where you are going. The Solar Eclipses in July and August will mark an intense period of change and restructuring for everyone. You need to be well grounded in your footing and sure of your direction. It is recommended to use the opportunities of growth that are presented with the eclipses. For you this will be in reference to your relationships. Be wise and deliberate with your decisions, choosing the right person for the right task.

AQUARIUS: Practical and reliable measures are essential to your current development. Stay within the boundaries of what is solid, safe and trustworthy. This is not a time for you to be reckless or risk-taking. Have guidelines in place to help you manage the steps of change, breaking it down into moderate stages. You are building a foundation, it’s best to be thorough and patient, doing this once and well.  Make sure you eat at regular times!

PISCES: There are great opportunities available for you to open up your world. Over the next few months this will expand with every step forward that you take. Your confidence is growing; you trust yourself more on a deeper level, you are allowing your own inner truth to be your guide. Wonderful developments will be highlights of this year. Make the most out of this time – say yes to the opportunities as they are presented.

Disclaimer: All information in these Astrovision horoscopes is given in a general context. It is the reader’s sole responsibility to use this information at their own discretion. It is therefore provided as entertainment!

Harsha Rigney – Astrovision – Copyright 2018