The New Moon sets the theme for the month to follow. With this being in Leo this month is a time for us to celebrate life with loved ones, to express ourselves more energetically through our creative interests and to lift our spirits through recreational activities. Have fun!

With this New Moon being a Solar Eclipse we are to pay attention to where in our life we are under pressure to change. As with all Eclipses they mark significant times of ending and beginnings. I see this as a junction point on our railway track, where we can pull the lever to change the direction the train will travel towards. If we make these steps with awareness the transition is effortless. If we are blind to the changes or resisting the new direction then the pressure can lead to derailment of our train.

To itemize exactly where the impact of change will be in our lives we superimpose upon our own birthchart the location of the Eclipse. In this weekend’s reference it is at 18’Leo. First pay attention to the house position this is located in your chart as that is where you will personally take the energy of the Eclipse into your life.

If you have any planets within a close proximity of this degree (ranging from 13’ – 23 ‘) of Leo, or opposite in Aquarius, at those same degrees, then the energy of change noted by the Eclipse will have a huge impact upon you. This can last for a number of years to come. If you don’t have any planets positioned there the impact is lessened and the experiences will be more short term. For all of us we are being asked to question the people in our life and to redefine the role they play, along with the measures of involvement we have with them and the distribution of responsibilities. This can see an enormous amount of ‘people-shuffling’ going on, with relationships, families, friendships and community groups all getting redefined. It’s time for us all to be clear with our choices of the people we have in our life and to have the courage to grow into our heart’s happiness. Remember Eclipses are times of endings and beginnings.

Other zodiac positions of notable impact, but with a milder influence, are 16’ – 20‘Taurus or Scorpio. With planets here the emphasis is on making a decision. What is your heart saying? What do you need to build upon and what needs to be purged away? Jupiter is currently in this zone. We are invited to dive deep into challenging situations to release old emotion, purging out past events, as if we are deep cleaning the garage. We are to be honest in recognizing the parts of ourselves that we have outgrown.

Occurring also at this time is a t-square with Mars & the South Node in Aquarius, opposite the North Node in Leo, both squaring to Uranus in Taurus.  It’s time to question “what do we need in our life to be happy?” Desires and ambitions can be distractions, costing us more in other ways than what they are worth. We are to assess our value system, be aware of our choices and find other ways to create happiness. Being creative is something for everyone, yet many people struggle with it, fight it, or deny themselves the opportunity to be creative. Creativity isn’t just through art, dance, music, writing or theatre but in any activity that we pour our heart and soul into. This doesn’t have to cost money but it will need an investment of our time and attention. Sharing this with others in the community can be uplifting; again it comes down to our choice of the right people to share this experience with.

Another t-square is also happening. This is with Chiron in Aries opposite Venus in Libra, both squaring off to Saturn in Capricorn. Self responsibility is essential for our growth. We need to keep our own space clean and clear. Rewards can be shared with others, along with support, comfort and care. However if we aren’t looking after ourselves it is difficult to receive the love from another. Saturn is the holding the pivot point – we are to have independent goals and responsibilities, balanced with shared goals and plans.  Doing too much on our own will feel isolating; being caught up in dependency with others will be suffocating. We need to get the right measure between the two. Setting time schedules will help us to maintain the right measure of independent goals and partnership interests.

On a final note – huge shifts of energy are occurring on a global and individual scale. Massive restructuring is in place and while that can generate fear we are to deepen our awareness, stay true to our path of spirituality and find the security provided when we trust in life.

Let your heart be strong, vibrant in your expression and be with those you love.

Happy travels and blessings to you all!