New Moon Nov 2018

Each month when the Sun and Moon align at the same zodiac degree we call it a New Moon. This is the start of the next lunar cycle. From the zodiac position this occurs in we get to see the energy that marks the theme for the following 4 weeks. In a months’ time the next New Moon will be the in next zodiac sign, taking us through all the 12 zodiacs in the course of a year.

We recently had the New Moon in Scorpio. The energy of this is concentrated, dynamic, and intense. It is an excellent month to look at a new challenge, to take on a project that pushes us and inspires us to dig deeper into new levels of motivation.  We don’t know how strong or capable we are until we are tested to prove these measures. This is a great time to discover new territory, new qualities of ourselves and to fire up our determination.

With planetary aspects noted at the time of the New Moon we get to see further the weaving of energies. With the Sun and Moon trining to Neptune in Pisces deep healing is available to us all, if we are accepting, fluid, understanding and relaxed! An emotional release will help the energy to flow better. Scorpio is where we like to investigate into the shadows, to hunt for buried information and insights. These will be easily found in this month but it will be important that we set the right mood, scene or location to support such deep tissue release.

This has been a busy week in our solar system, not just with a New Moon but also with planets changing signs. Uranus has gone back into Aries, where it has been for the past 7 years.(It had moved into Taurus for a short visit since May 2018 and will return to Taurus next March, where it will stay for the next 7 years). As Uranus moves through the signs it indicates where we are to unblock stagnant energy, freeing ourselves of boredom, confinement and control. Presently it is sitting opposite Venus in Libra. Here any feelings of being controlled, stuck, stale or stagnant in relationships is likely to create a reaction. Venus is very considerate in relating, very tolerant of the other but with this transit there will be no putting up with bad behaviour or old dysfunctional habits of relating. Look out for those fiery sparks whipping up some chaos. Some relationships will need more time together to sort out the issues; some will need some more time apart to redefine the individual identities. Getting a healthy balance of independence and sharing is the outcome to aim towards. This Venus / Uranus opposition is squaring to the Nodes – the North Node in Cancer (healing through emotional sensitivity) and the South Node in Capricorn (frozen emotion is cold and calculating). Again from this those emotional releases are keeping the energy fresh, alive, spontaneous, not allowing relationships to be rigid and blocked. Find positive ways to refresh your relationships, be courageous in expressing how you feel and bring excitement to your activities by being spontaneous, daring to break out of the mold of old habits and traditions.

Jupiter has moved into Sagittarius, 9th Nov 2018 until 3rd Dec 2019. Jupiter is the ruler of Sagittarius – noting optimism, adventure, expanded horizons, big opportunities, growth and progress. This brings a great dose of excitement and enthusiasm with it. Jupiter takes 12 years to make the full journey around the zodiacs so make the most of this experience by being open to learn more from life. Where this is positioned in your individual birth chart will indicate exactly where and in what way life adventures await you.

Jupiter (expansion), Chiron (setting up systems) and the North Node (spiritual awareness) are all linking into a Grand Trine – a heightened and harmonious energy flow. This configuration will be only held for another week. Growth requires space to stretch, therefore be aware of the direction you are growing into, taking the time to set up a new system that will support the future developments.