Chiron in Pisces

Chiron gives indication to our healing process, where we are to rip the bandage off, expose the wound, deal with the release of the infection, and finally add the disinfectant. This process is deep, therapeutic and provocative. It helps us to identity the areas of our pain and to find effective ways to bring healing.

Chiron is presently moving through the final degrees of Pisces. It has been in Pisces since 2011, where the emphasis has been on us finding our holistic health recipe and then living it! We have needed to put ourselves as the priority of our day – putting ourselves as client number one! This has helped us to value our own journey, not just to be there for everyone else. Just like the airplane safety demonstrations it is important we look after ourselves first then take care of those around us.

Chiron moved into Aries in April 2018 and was there until Sept. Moving retrograde over these months it has ‘reversed’ into Pisces again. The planets often do this ‘back and over’ style of movement – it means we dig deeper, go through further levels of soul searching relative to the degrees and zodiacs.

These last degrees of Pisces are where the Solar Eclipse in March 2015 occurred. The zodiac degree the eclipse happens at gets an indentation or imprint upon it. When a planet goes over this point it brings the energy of the eclipse back to life, as if tripping over a pothole, it is brought back to our attention.

With Chiron and its healing techniques, moving over this imprint of the March 2015 eclipse we are bringing closure, tidying up, finalizing and healing something that was happening at that time. We are releasing and decluttering our life of unwanted and outgrown energy.  To define this further we need to apply it to our individual chart, by house, by aspect etc.  Deep energy shifts of past life experiences are moving with this. There will be many swirls of ocean currents and tides turning within. We are to be accepting, understanding, allowing, and at peace with these huge shifts of energy. This will take us another 2 months to move through, so be gentle and kind to yourself and also to others.

In February 2019 Chiron moves into Aries again, this time it will stay until 2027. Here the emphasis will be on being our best, being self aware, self accountable, self motivated, self responsible. We are to tidy up our own self! This will be easily achieved if we have decluttered our inner space first!