Happy New Year for 2019

May the coming year bring you many blessings of love and happiness. We start 2019 with a Solar Eclipse in Capricorn (6th Jan, @15’ Capricorn) and finish 2019 with a Solar Eclipse in Capricorn (26th Dec, @ 4’ Capricorn). These are like the start and finish lines to what is to be a highly productive year.

To maximize the opportunities available it is advisable to set a plan, a course of action, a direction to follow or a purpose to aim towards. Once that is established break the goals into smaller targets – 3 months, 1 month, weekly, daily. We are to show proof of our efforts, being held accountable to our progress. Our time management will be tested to the extreme.   Without such guidelines the pressure will be too much. As if in a boot camp situation it is much easier to hit the ground running, to have a willing attitude and the motivation to move some energy! The outcomes will be far greater when we approach the challenges with enthusiasm.

Capricorn is loaded with the heavy guns – Pluto, (major transformation, facing our fears), Saturn, (discipline, accountability), the South Node (recognizing what we have outgrown & karmic baggage), 2x Solar Eclipses (milestone events of change, shifts of awareness) and a Lunar Eclipse (17th July- emotional breakthrough, release). With so much power and might it truly is a matter of ‘may the force be with you’.

With our goals representing a mountain to climb it is best to choose the mountain of your own dreams and wishes. If you haven’t set yourself a path then life / nature / existence / the divine will choose the mountain for you. That may not be to your liking!

The houses (specific zones in a birthchart) that Capricorn occupies in our birthchart will indicate exactly the mountain we are to ascend. For some this will be in the area of their career, while others will have this in the area of their relationships, some will have it in the area of finances, or family, or travel, or health. Climbing someone else’s mountain won’t give us the satisfaction or impact we are looking for. Make sure you are focused on your goals, your path and your purpose, with regular check in points along the way.

As always, when setting a plan or a goal it is best to do this AFTER the New Moon as then the momentum will grow as the Moon waxes, grows in light (& apparent size). The New Moon on the 6th Jan marks the time of new beginnings. As the New Moon is at 2.28 pm NZT set your plans after this time, which can easily flow into the following few days.

Wishing you all a prosperous, productive and fulfilling year ahead.

With love and blessings,