New Moon in Aquarius ’19

The New Moon last Monday was at 15’ Aquarius. While this sets the theme for the month ahead, based on networking, friendships and our community involvement it is relevant that we look deeper at this event, as it is with high alerts.

The Lunar Eclipse that happened in Aug 2017 was also at 15’ Aquarius. The degrees the eclipses are at will leave an impression or area of impact at that point. As the planets move across these points it brings the energy of the eclipse (times of intense pressure) back into life. With this New Moon, and the lunar cycle that follows, we are to review our life, reflecting on our journey since Aug 2017 – what changes have happened in your life since then, have you grown beyond the old habits, are there any issues that haven’t been cleared that were created then? Bringing these to closure is essential for us to feel vibrant again. Stagnation is heavy.

The rulers of Aquarius are Saturn and Uranus. Over this last week Mars, the ruler of Aries, has joined forces with Uranus in the late degrees of Aries. Mars indicates our physical action, our warrior self, our masculine energy, drive and ambition. Uranus indicates spontaneity, freedom, rebellion, shock, accidents and surprises. These two together have whipped up a frenzy of energy, with sparks and fireworks to liven up our day! These are highly volatile, reactive and fiercely independent. The intensity of this combination is dynamic. For some of us this can be as sticks of dynamite, breaking new ground, forcing change with speed.  Where they are positioned in our individual birthchart will indicate where these will be increasing the heat! Next week (10th – 16th Feb) they will be together (Uranus at 29’ Aries, Mars from 26’ Aries to 1’ Taurus). I can’t emphasis enough how volatile and reactive this combination can be. Pay attention to the warnings and take extra care with yourself and your loved ones.

Saturn, the other ruler of Aquarius, is lining up with Pluto. Saturn is moving over the point of the Solar eclipse that impacted 15’ Capricorn last month!  These two are indicating the need to be more accountable, to hold true to our responsibilities and commitments and to have a purpose and plan to guide us. This combination is like being in a military boot camp – the requirements are discipline, organised schedules, strategy, time management and delivering outcomes. There is no room for excuses. We all need to increase our capacity to achieve. Again where these are visiting your individual chart will indicate what goals are best for you to aim toward, and how to manage the programme of increased productivity.

These are big times – with the Aries and Capricorn stories listed above, we are getting loads of pressure and the urgency to act on decisions immediately is intense.  Grab what moments you can to relax, cool down and rest as the action times are hard, fast, challenging and full on!