Autumn Equinox: 21st March to Winter Solstice: 22nd June 

(Below is an excerpt from the 2019 Astrovision Moon Calendar on the Seasonal Forecast page) 

Create your home to be an extension of your love, your healing vibration.

What lessons from history are we to learn so we don’t repeat the same mistakes? We can’t move ahead until we have completed our past, brought closure to our lessons. The focus is on tidying up, removing the clutter, solving the issues. By keeping energetically clean & spiritually clear we’ll have the energy & motivation to sort out the messes we previously tolerated.  It’s best to tend to our tasks once & well, taking the time to be thorough. The key is to simplify – to let the pace & energy settle into a more grounded feel. Connecting with the Earth, (hands in the soil, walking barefoot on the grass, lying on the lawn) helps us to be strong in our foundations, settled inside. Our home is our sanctuary, a place of rest & rejuvenation. It’s at its best when it is an outward expression of our heart & soul. With colour, texture, tones & harmony create your home to be an extension of your love, your healing vibration for you & your loved ones to enjoy.

On the 21st of March here in the Southern Hemisphere we will have the Autumn Equinox, in the Northern Hemisphere they will have their Spring Equinox. This marks a time of a new beginning with the next season rolling in. The Autumn season is bringing our awareness to the harvests in our life, the completion of summer crops and projects, turning our attention to the preparations for winter. This will take us through to June 22nd with the Winter Solstice.

We start this season with the Sun coming into Aries and as it does so it will join up (be conjunct) to Chiron, who moved into Aries a month ago. While we have enjoyed a relaxed month with the Sun moving through Pisces, with Mercury retrograde in Pisces, we have been dreamy, sleepy, cruising along, deeply emotional and expansive spiritually, encompassing a greater scope of feeling and sensitivity, opening up to being more compassionate.

Coming into Aries the energy will get fired up, wanting action and quick movement. With Chiron’s contribution it is vital we are specific with our activities, focused on smaller tasks to deal with and healthy programmes that are easily achieved. Are you ready, set, GO! 

On that day we will also be having the Full Moon, at 0’ Libra. With this we are to focus on the balance of our self interests, identity, projects and motivation with the relationships in our lives. We are to get the right measure of sharing with others and being self contained.

We are also stepping into the Saturn and Pluto conjunction, a 35 year event that marks a highly significant aspect that demands attention. Over the years the various contacts between these 2 planets have been at major points of our history.

In the current climate we are to ask ourselves WHY – what is the motivation behind the desire? If we can recognize this we can be more aware of the drive towards reaching our goals. It gives purpose to our direction.  

With the South Node in the Capricorn mix we are not to repeat old patterns and habits – it’s time to break through the barriers of fear and old identities. The Lunar Eclipse in July will be included in this combination too – adding a global ‘emotional’ event to the story. World leaders will rise or fall – significant shifts of leadership.

With this combination we have the power, the pressure, the determination, the resilience, the force to transform. It is up to us to use this energy wisely, making decisions that better our future, not destroy it.

Wishing you all a wonderful autumn season.