Full Moon in Libra April 2019

This Full Moon is part of the formula that governs the date of the Easter holiday break. The formula is as follows – the first Sunday after the First Full Moon that follows the Spring Equinox (in the Northern Hemisphere). This marks the start of the spring season and gives honour with festivities to the Goddess of Fertility – Esthr.  You can see the name of Easter is a close connection! As part of these celebrations the little chicks and rabbits, along with eggs symbolize the new life of spring. The festival is to bless the coming seasons with abundant growth and the vitality of youth.

We actually had a Full Moon in Libra, (at 0’) a month ago on the actual day of the Spring Equinox (Autumn Equinox for us here in the Southern Hemisphere). That following weekend should really have been Easter but I presume those that set those dates didn’t have an ephemeris or a Moon Calendar to give them the exact time of both events and therefore took the 2nd Libran Full Moon (at 29’) to be the chosen weekend.

In the Southern Hemisphere this is a time for us to bring closure to our crops, to reflect upon the bounty of the summer months, to store food, to gather firewood and to prepare for the winter ahead. In the coming weeks this is also the time for us to honour and remember those that have gone before us, our loved ones that have passed and to give honour to the gifts they shared with us through their life time journeys.

With this Full Moon give yourself the time to review your relationships, bringing balance and harmony to your partnerships and appreciating those that share your journey.  Bring awareness to what you need for yourself in these relationships, keeping an eye on the sharing of togetherness balanced with individual nourishment.

This Full Moon is also creating a Celtic Cross with the North Node in Cancer opposite the South Node, flanked by Saturn and Pluto also in Capricorn. This is a huge event. We are to be aware of old habits dominating our behaviour and to focus on creating breakthroughs. Repeating old dysfunctional habits will only bring breakdowns. It’s time to push through, creating new pathways and responses. Be brave, follow your feelings towards the light of awareness.

Happy celebrations everyone! Blessings of light.