June 2019 New Moon

The recent New Moon in Gemini (3rd June) sets the theme for this Lunar Cycle to be on communication, documents, contracts and how we express ourselves through our words. It’s important we are aware of our choice of words, they may come out in a joking manner but they can still deliver a punch!

Gemini is the gathering and giving of information – just like breathing (Gemini also rules the lungs) we are to be aware of how we bring in mind stimulation and share our interests and information with others.  Studying in any manner is a positive fuel intake for our mind. What sort of mind stimulation do you fuel your life on? When we eat a junk food diet it doesn’t nourish our bodies yet many of us feed our minds with loads of unnecessary clutter, mind junk and can over dose on superficial entertainment. With this month bring your awareness to improving your mind diet. Do you read, learn an interesting subject or push your knowledge base further out? Or are you lazy in your mind preferring the screen to tell the story for you or the computer to do your work?

With Mercury, the ruler of Gemini, now in Cancer we also need to be more attentive to listening to others.  During this first week of the Lunar Cycle Mercury is squaring Chiron in Aries. This can bring our wounds into the conversation which can generate great healing if we are ready for it, but can also bring quick reactions like arguments and heated discussions. Be selective as to who you are talking to, what you are sharing with them and where you are conversing. With the right situation & a supportive environment quick remedies and fast healing can happen.

With the next New Moon in July being a Solar Eclipse we are now in the pressure zone, building up towards the major milestone events that are marked by the Eclipses. What big decisions are you making that will change the direction of your life? Are you on track in implementing these or resisting them?

Again with this current Lunar Cycle make sure you are looking at all the options available to help with this decision, talk over your ideas with the right person and keep your mind sharp and active so you can take all the necessary information on board.

Happy days everyone!