The Virgo New Moon, 30th Aug 2019

The recent New Moon at 6’ Virgo has set the theme for this month to be on efficiency, setting up systems and eliminating unwanted stuff and energy. The focus is on tidying up, clearing up our spaces and bettering our energy levels.

The two rulers of Virgo, Mercury and Chiron, are currently in an inconjunction to each other (150’ apart) which means we have to be happy with small measures of progress, taking each stage deliberately and cautiously. This aspect indicates setbacks, delays and inconsistent activity. It’s best not to expect too much, stay within the measures of moderation and keep the balance – steady as you go!

With Chiron in Aries it is advisable to start our tasks with health & wellbeing – making sure we are ready for action by preparing our physical being first. It is easy to rush into activities without gearing our bodies into the right zone first. Whether this is a set exercise routine or simple stretches, it is important we value the work our body does and to bring our awareness to self care.

With the New Moon (Sun and Moon) aligned with Mercury, Mars and Venus, also in Virgo, the attention to detail is vital. By dealing to the little issues we are saving ourselves from building up bigger problems. This is a great time to break goals into smaller targets, set out steps and stages of development.

The New Moon Virgo cluster is favourably contacting Uranus in Taurus and over to the combo in Capricorn. Over the next month all of the Virgo planets will trine to Saturn and Pluto. With this ‘Grand Trine in Earth’ dominoes roll we can increase our productivity, reach positive outcomes and achieve long desired goals – all through careful planning, time management, deliberate steps and practical methods. The Earth element is grounding, solid, physical, tangible, reliable, steady and predictable. In this month we have a great opportunity to tick many tasks off our list, bring completion to a project and set solid foundations for a new goal.

The Virgo cluster is opposite Neptune (again rolling over the next few weeks) and squaring to Jupiter. Manifesting a dream can happen but we need to stay within the measures of what is reasonable. If we push the boundaries out too far we will lose sight of our progress, dissipate the energy and lose motivation. We can bring our dreams to Earth, using our intuition and vision, but we must keep our feet on the ground.

Happy New Moon everyone, Blessings, Harsha